Using Your Vacuum As A Bug-Be-Gone Device

Vacuums can be cheap, efficient bug control devices. Without harmful, sticky chemicals you can rid your home of unwanted pest such as flies, fleas and spiders as well as the carcasses they leave behind. With fall on its way, it is time to rid your Howard County home of these lingering critters left over from the summer months. 

Choosing And Setting Up Your Vacuum

First off, you do need a vacuum with attachments. Any vacuum will do, whether it is a canister, upright, bag or a bagless variety.  You can use the upright varieties to clean your carpets as usual, but for pest elimination in other areas, you really need a hose to get into those small spaces.

Many vacuums also have a suction power option on them. Make sure if your model has this option that it is turned up to maximum power. This will create the suction needed to kill and remove pests from your Clarksville, Columbia, or Elkridge home.

Start High

To rid your home of all insects, start high at the ceiling. Using your vacuum hose with the crevice attachment, go around all rooms and get all the spider and cobwebs from between the ceiling and wall. On corners, make sure you go from ceiling-to-floor, as this is one of a spider’s favorite spots.

Light fixtures are the cemeteries of the bug world. Make sure you use your attachment to clean all these throughout your home. Some fixtures may need to be removed to clean out properly.


The next stop on your way down will be the windows. Your crevice attachment will come in handy here and can get into those grooves to suction out any bugs, dead or alive, that are hiding in the tracks. Make sure you go all around the inside of the window.

Remove screens and panes if possible to get any bugs that have managed to get in between from the outside. While you are ridding your windows of bugs, you may notice that they need a little fall cleaning as well. If you are not up cleaning them, call Budget Maids and we will get your windows in your Elkridge, Columbia or Clarksville home sparkling again.

Floor And Other Areas

Now that you are finished with the walls and ceiling, finish up with the corners where the floor and walls meet. Go all the way around every room, getting all the crumbs and other debris that attracts bugs as well.

To really rid your home of bugs, you need to get into those hard to reach areas as well. For refrigerators, stoves and other appliances, use caution when pulling them out to not disconnect hoses that are attached. Use the attachment to get behind them and under them. Make sure not to forget stove drawers and under the sinks to vacuum these areas as well.

Once you are finished, make sure to remove and empty the contents outside in a lidded garbage can. While the vacuum should have killed many of them with the suction, some of the hardier insects may have survived. Using the floor-to-ceiling approach regularly can keep insects to a minimum, making your home safer and more sanitary.