Top Tips for BBQ Cleaning

A clean BBQ means better-tasting food.

A clean BBQ means better-tasting food.

Planning a barbecue for Independence Day?

Barbecues or BBQs are kinda traditional at this time of the year and here at Budget Maids we’re certainly planning a smoky feast of our own, but if there is one task we need to get out of the way fast – it’s the dreaded BBQ cleaning one!


Too much burnt on grease and food residue will make for a very smoky BBQ, can impair the flavor of your food and will stop your BBQ working as well as it should. Read on for our top tips for BBQ cleaning:

  • Be careful to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for your specific barbecue (and if you have lost these, remember that many manuals can be found online). Generally though, these instructions can be followed.
  • Ideally, clean the BBQ after every use by washing the cooled grill with warm soapy water. This will prevent food residue build up. A wire brush comes in very useful here.
  • Carbonizing the BBQ helps – you either turn the gas on full, or you put in charcoals, wait for them to get red-hot and then close the lid. Leave for 20 minutes, then open the BBQ and allow to cool fully before cleaning.
  • After rinsing and drying grills, rub on a light coating of neutral vegetable oil such as Canola or ground nut oil. This will help to prevent rusting.
  • One handy tip to getting rid of excess grease from grill trays is to pour it off (when it’s cooled down of course) onto cat litter if you have it, as this soaks up the grease. If not, pour out the grease into the bin or empty plastic bottles for disposal.
  • Newspaper is another ally in the BBQ grime fight. Soak old newsprint in water, place it in your BBQ as it cools down and then clean as normal. The newspaper will have steam cleaned your BBQ for you, so cleaning should be a lot easier.

Enjoy your 4th July Celebrations!

Here at Budget Maids we provide cleaning services in Reston, a maid service in Olney or cleaning services in Columbia and surrounds, and more. Why not give us a call today and let us help you ensure that your BBQ is clean and ready for summer fun?