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Sofa. . . so clean

Your sofa isn’t just somewhere you veg out on – it’s also a pretty important center piece of your home. And everyone in the family loves the sofa – including the pets. Which is why it needs regular cleaning.


Here’s a quick blueprint for cleaning your sofa without having to resort to expensive means:

Start with dusting

Regardless of whether your sofa is of fabric, leather or suede, start the sofa cleaning process with a thorough dusting, including cushions . Be sure to check your duster is clean; otherwise you’ll end up sprinkling your sofa with even more dust.

Out with the vacuum cleaner

All sofas, except those made from leather, can be vacuumed. Do this very carefully though – without too much pressure. Remember to vacuum underneath the seating as well. Small vacuum brushes are just the job for difficult corners.

Cleaning agents for fabric sofas

There should be a tag somewhere on the sofa which explains what it’s made from. If it’s cotton, a cotton blend or any other similar everyday fabric, then you can spot clean the sofa. Use a mild cleaning agent for stubborn stains. Never, ever, use bleach or harsh cleaning agents as these will damage your sofa.

Leather and suede

Leather and suede sofas can be cleaned with a warm, damp cloth. Try not to soak them though. Don’t rub and avoid scrubbing. If there are heavy stains there then apply some genuine saddle soap after you’ve wiped down the affected areas with the damp cloth. If you want to polish the leather then make sure you get hold o a cleaning agent which has been designed specifically for this purpose.

For many of us, our sofa is our pride and joy. We spend so many hours on it that really it deserves the best of care. Here at Budget Maids we’re well aware of this and are happy to offer professional advice. Meanwhile, for further house cleaning help why not call our office today? We offer house cleaning services in Falls Church, maid services in Rockville and cleaning services in Arlington as well as other towns and cities in VA and Maryland.