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Best DIY Cleaning Tips

Sometimes to get household items really clean and sparkling you have to go down the non-conventional route and apply some DIY cleaning tips. From zapping a dishcloth in the microwave to dunking knifes in lemon juice – it can pay to think outside the box.

But don’t worry, we’ve already done it for you. Just read on with our post right here:

Cleaning a dishcloth with the microwave. Yep, this really is an effective – and easy – way of getting rid of kitchen germs. For the incredible heat a microwave reaches won’t just clean your cloths – happily, it will also sterilize them. Simple rinse the sponge in fresh tap water, place in the microwave and ‘cook’ for around two minutes. Next, remove the cloth with tongs and allow to cool. Voila!

Shining up knives using store-bought lemon juice. This is easy-peasy yet so effective. Simply pour some lemon juice into a tumbler then sit rust-ridden knives in there for around five minutes. Afterwards scrub the knives with an abrasive pad and just watch those rust stains fade into nothingness. It’s like magic!

Employ your dishwasher to get rid off dirt. We don’t just mean dirt from dishes here but from all manner of household items such as children’s toys, pet bowls and even toothbrushes. With regards to the first items mentioned ie children’s toys just make sure they contain no batteries, fabric or LED parts – otherwise you may be facing a tiny tantrum once the toys are returned! Anyhow, back to washing- simply lay the items neatly in the dishwasher, it on a gentle cycle and add some natural cleaner. That’s it – you’re done!

Make your own personalized fabric conditioner. Some of the laundry conditioners on sale in stores these days can really stink. And that’s why we thought we’d give you some tips here at Budget Maids on how to make your own. One of our favorite ways is to simply spritz some lavender water into the machine prior to switching on. Lavender is so strong that you don’t need a lot and your clothes will definitely come out smelling of this lovely fresh scent. And the best bit about this idea? You can use any type of essential oil you like. Just put some into a spritzer and dilute with oil. It’s fab!

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