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Your Daily Household Cleaning Checklist

The idea of daily household cleaning can seem like a real drag to some of us. But it needn’t be that depressing – not when you’re armed with a quick cleaning checklist. The good news is you can do it quickly and easily then just get on with the rest of your day. And it means no big monthly household clean either. 


  • Today’s dishes. Deal with today’s dishes today.  It can be tempting to let your dishes pile up while you attend to what you consider to be more important matters. But letting your dishes pile up is depressing – a clean kitchen is so much more welcoming. Also, it’s even more difficult to clean dishes if food has stuck hard to plates.
  • Countertop & stove. Most of us use our stoves and kitchen countertops daily.  And that’s why it makes sense to wipe them daily too.  It only take a few minutes but it’ll spare you the far lengthier effort of coping with congealed food and grease stains at the end of the week.
  • Bathroom blitz. At the end of every day grab a cloth and quickly scoot through your bathroom with it. Wipe down the sink, bath, mirror and toilet.  It’ll only take a couple of minutes and it’ll prevent harder scrubbing at a later date.
  • Keep clothes where they belong. Don’t delay in folding ironing, hanging up clothes in closets and packing away seasonal clothes for storing. After all, you want to have fun on your weekends, not spend them immersed in a pile of jans and jumpers.  Always get the rest of the family involved in this one. It’s their clothes after all!
  • Five minute de-clutter. At the end of the day make sure everyone has removed their own clutter, toys, books, clothes and any other unwelcome items lying around making the place look untidy. Dedicate a storage container for items you’re not sure what to do with and  make sure you empty it at the end of the week.

As you can see from the above bullet points a small daily household cleaning routine can go a long way to keeping your home always ship shape and means no embarrassing moments when a neighbour or friend pop by unexpectedly. If, however, you feel even the above makes your heart sink, then do give us a call here at Budget Maids. We’re experts in tidying and cleaning with maid services in Columbia, housecleaning in Rock Falls and cleaning services in Arlington and surrounds.  So don’t delay – call us today!

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