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Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

418px-Wall_Closet-150x150If your  Clarksville  home has a cleaning cabinet or closet that has fell into disarray, you are not alone. Ironically, cleaning supply cabinets are often one the messiest and most disorganized areas in many homes. Peek under the kitchen sink in even the most immaculate home and you can often find a jumble of bottles, scrubbing pads and boxes. This can make it hard to find the cleaner you need or keep track of what you have and what is running low.  Continue reading

Pre-Holiday Season To-Do Lists

We know that the holidays are right around the corner. Once the ghosts and goblins are hanging from porches and stenciled on windows, we know that the rest of the holiday season is almost upon us. Now is the time to get some of the pre-holiday tasks done, so you are not so stressed once they are here.  Continue reading

Recapturing the Space in Your Home

Over time, it is common to end up with more “stuff” than space in your Howard County home. Years and sometimes even decades of accumulating various items can lead to cluttered closets, attics and garages. Often even spare rooms end up full of extra furniture, storage tubs and boxes, making the room useless. If this has happened in your home, it may be time to recapture the space in your home!  Continue reading

Granite Countertop Tips for Clarksville Homeowners

An increasing number of kitchens in Clarksville, Maryland have granite countertops. Granite is a beautiful and durable countertop material. However, since it is a natural stone material, there are special considerations regarding its cleaning and care. Below we’ve listed some some tips for keeping your granite countertop looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. Continue reading