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Understanding the ABC of cleaning agents

Do the hundreds of cleaning agents out there, with their complex-sounding chemical ingredients leave you feeling mighty confused?  Well, join the club! You’re certainly not the only one struggling to make sense of all those cleaning agents currently lining our supermarket shelves.

At Budget Maids we’re here to try and help with supplying a quick and easy guide to finding the right cleaning agent for your particular household cleaning job:

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All-purpose cleaning agent

All-purpose cleaning agents are effective provided you stick to the instructions. They’re usually good for cleaning a variety of surfaces and textures, from carpets and glass to wood and tile flooring.  And that’s why they actually make a good cleaning staple for your home.  A single all-purpose cleaning agent can, in fact, replace an entire bucket full of detergents, cleaning scrubs and sanitizers.  So – good for de-cluttering too!

Dealing with germs

For some household cleaning tasks such as bathroom cleaning, kitchen countertop cleaning and kitchen basin cleaning, you really want to clean deep. It’s about more than just cleaning the surfaces of dirt and grime.  No, it’s more about eliminating common household germs.  In which case, it’s time to bring out the disinfectant or sanitizer. Again, use these cleaners strictly according to their instructions for them to be really effective.

Deodorizer – the luxury item

Sometimes, after a hard day in the office or a few days away nothing is more welcoming than a clean and pleasant smelling home.  And, indeed, why would we slave away at cleaning our home, only to leave it smelling clinically clean and full of funny chemical smells? Choose a deodorizer that matches your home and which all the family love: there’s a huge choice of them out there.

When to apply caution

Using different cleaning agents for different tasks is good household cleaning practice, but do apply caution when mixing different ones together. That’s because many cleaning agent instructions warn against mixing due to potentially severe allergic reactions.

With so many cleaning products and agents around, it really isn’t a big surprise to learn that many householders dread having to choose products for household cleaning tasks. If this is the case for you then why not consider calling on the expertise of the Budget Maids team? We offer professional  household cleaning in Olney, maid services in Reston and cleaning services in Potomac as well as other areas of VA and Maryland.

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