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Bathroom Blitzing when it Comes to House Cleaning Tips in VA

Cleaning the smallest room in the house (ie the bathroom) can be much easier when we adhere to a regular maintenance program with proven house cleaning tips we’ve found here at Budget Maids in VA.

Grout Scrubber

For instance, preventing bigger build ups of soap and dirt makes a thorough clean-up of the area much easier and quicker to achieve. So, what kind of tips are referring to? Well, take the following for example:

Keeping a shower head spraying

Get rid of calcium and lime build up from water which can block up your shower head meaning it won’t spray as effectively. You can do this by every now and again by hanging a small plastic bag full of white vinegar over the shower head while you sleep. Next morning scrub the area with a brush and rinse it several times to get rid of the strong smell of vinegar. Do this every few months or whenever you sense there’s becoming a build-up and the shower is clogging.

Pamper your pipes by a thorough cleaning in VA

Another piece of regular bathroom maintenance (every couple of months) should involve cleaning out your bathroom pipes. Long hair is a big offender here as it tends to clog the bath hole. The best way to clear them out is to pour down ½ cup of baking soda then follow this with the same amount of white vinegar. Leave for five minutes then pour down some boiling water. You’ll be amazed at the quick results!

Prevent soap build-up on your shower door

Not only does soap smeared on your shower door look bad, it’s also dangerous as it’ll cause the door to be slippery when you grab hold of it. One tip to make sure the soap doesn’t build up in the first place is to actually wipe the door with car wax. This makes it almost impossible for soap to cling to it.

Eliminate bathtub rings

Ok, it might not be quite as much fun when having a bath, but if you want to prevent scum marks then cut out those oily fragranced bath soak lotions you’re using in the bath which is causing the scum to float to the surface and stay there. If you do insist on using them then make sure the minute you’re out the bath and dressed that you clean the rings with warm water and maybe even a gentle scrub.

If you have any cleaning questions then please feel free to contact Budget Maids. We’re well-known for our professional house cleaning in Arlington, maid service in Vienna and cleaning service in Reston – as well as other areas throughout VA. Contact us now.

Image via GoodHousekeeping.com