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The Best Bathroom De-Cluttering Ideas

clutter bathroomHands up who’s guilty of bathroom clutter?

Many of you who have put a hand up may be female, but the huge growth in popularity of male grooming in the last decade or so, means that over-proliferation of products can just as likely be attributed to the man of the house as it is to the woman. Here are our top tips for the best bathroom de-cluttering ideas.

Make Your Products Fit In

First off all, decanting products can offer a perfect solution for storage. Buy matching soap dispensers that can also double up for all your lotions and potions and give a more uniform look to your bathroom.

Employ ruthlessness when it comes to maintaining tidiness in the bathroom. Storing your best toiletries out of sight in custom-built storage helps to maintain the clean, designer look of a bathroom.

Banish “Bathroom Creep”

It’s a good idea to decide what belongs in the bathroom – and what definitely doesn’t. Many of us can admit to “bathroom creep”, where more and more products find themselves in the bathroom. Toiletries are fair enough, but should make-up be kept there? And if you don’t have lots of storage don’t keep your toiletry spares in the bathroom.

Another way to instantly de-clutter a bathroom is to look at the towels you are storing in there. Is it necessary to keep them all in there, or should you keep most of them in a cupboard outside of the bathroom?

Cleaning Products Storage

When it comes to your bathroom cleaning products – sprays for the shower and bath as well as air freshener and toilet cleaner belong in the bathroom. The hard-core cleaners though, such as drain cleaners and sink unblockers should be stored in a safe place elsewhere – out of the reach of little fingers.

One final suggestion for storage is hooks for your bath robes. It may sound simple, but being able to hang your robe up while bathing or showering feels very “hotel-like” and therefore luxurious.

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Pic – thanks to Splunkton on Flickr