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5 Bright Bathroom Cleaning Tips

We wouldn’t exactly describe bathroom cleaning as one of the highlights of our weekend but, let’s face it, it’s something that has to be done and the quicker the better.
In order to get it over with quickly – and not in a rushed way – there’s some tips from the very experienced team here at Budget Maids:

5 Bathroom cleaning tips

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t bother investing in different types of cleaners for the toilet bowl, sink and bath – just get the one all-purpose disinfectant for all porcelain items. Mirrors need a special cleaner (or just a vinegar solution and wallpaper if you want to clean them the eco way).
  2. Don’t forget the small stuff. What are we talking about here? It’s the soap dish (if you still have one), the toothbrush holder and that little glass shelf just abover the sink. Do these quickly on a weekly basis and they’ll never get to that yeuchy state we all know too well. Actually a great tip or the soap dish is to dab a little olive oil on it to prevent the soap from sticking!
  3. Use the fan. There’s a reason you have a ventilator fan – to prevent mold from building up in your shower. And if you don’t switch it on often enough then that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Mildew and mold doesn’ just look awful and is bad for your health when inhaled – it’s also a pain to clean. So avoid it by not even going there in the first place.
  4. Totally clean the toilet. That means not just inside the bowl by putting bleach down, but also under the lid, the rim, the push button or handle and even the toilet brush too. Do make sure the brush is completely dry though beore sticking it back in the holder so at to prevent a build up of bacteria.
  5. Add a little fragrance. It’s not strictly a cleaning tip but adding a sheet of febreeze in the laundry basket or dabbing some essential oil onto the light bulb/s in your bathroom can give the room a lovely aroma and provide a little pick me up for anyone who happens to go in there.

Here at Budget Maids we have a whole book full of cleaning tips. But if you don’t have time to read them then let us come and do the cleaning for you. We provide house cleaning in Potomac, maid services in Vienna and home cleaning services in Arlington and other parts of VA and Maryland. Why not give us a call today?

3 essential bathroom cleaning secrets

The bathroom.  It’s always in the cross-fire: morning rush, evening rush, weekend guests – how do you keep up cleaning-wise?  With white being the popular bathroom color, keeping everything pristine isn’t easy.  Or so you thought!  Here’s three clever ideas which will make your bathroom less of a warzone and more a peaceful retreat.  Doesn’t that sound nice? See our following Budget Maids tips to make sure you come out victorious:


Dirty shower curtains? Off to the washing machine

Most people will admit to trying to clean shower curtains by hand.  But soap scum is a nightmare and not a good use of time. But, did you know it’s possible to clean your shower curtains in the washing machine? Just pop in a few towels to stabilise the load.  Select a cold wash, and use detergent as usual.  Drip dry and we guarantee, you’ll be impressed with the result.

Mildew?  Bleach to the rescue

Mildew is a huge complaint when it comes to bathrooms.  It’s nasty to clean and time-intensive. But there’s an easier way: prepare a bleach solution (the concentration of which depends on how much mildew there is), grab a pair of rubber gloves then wash the tiles, ceiling, floor and anywhere else you spot mildew. Repeat a few times until it’s gone. 

Everything else: wax it

There’s nothing more disheartening than having to scrub away watermarks, soap scum and the likes. But there’s an easy way: simply wax it. Apply a waterproof wax to the tiles, glass shower door, mirror and even steel or chrome taps and showerheads.  It makes a huge difference and, happily, no more water and soap streaks means you can easily clean up the bathroom without wasting time on those darned stains.

The above three cleaning secrets will really help keep your bathroom looking clean and refreshed.  But should you need a helping hand with this – or anything else in your home for that matter, then do give us a call here at Budget Maids.  We offer home cleaning services in Olney, house cleaning in Reston and maid services in Arlington. We can see to every home cleaning related task out there – so you don’t have to!

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