Swap, Store And Reuse Your Seasonal Wardrobes

It is about time in Columbia, Maryland to put away the shorts and tank tops and bring out the sweaters and warmer winter wear. While it is easy enough just to pack away the summer clothes and bring out those fuzzy long sleeved items, maybe it is time to go through them. Now is a good time to see if you really need all those clothes you keep packing and unpacking each spring and fall. 

Most people have their sets of clothes that they have had for years for the cooler and warmer weather, adding some new pieces each year to keep it updated. However, there always ends up being some items that may be old favorites that just don’t get worn anymore. Whether it is because they just don’t fit anymore or they are out of style, it is time to thin out those clothes that are just taking up space in your Columbia home.

First rule of thumb is whether you or your family has worn it in the last year. Did you pull out a few things last spring that you are now going to repack, even though they did not get worn, even once? That is a good sign it is time to give them the heave-ho. The same goes for the winter items. Before hanging them up in the closet or putting them in a drawer, make sure it is something that will actually get worn. Some ideas on what to do with these items that are no longer needed:

– Donate them to Goodwill or another charity. Just because you don’t wear it anymore does not mean someone else could not appreciate it. Many charities and churches have clothing drop off boxes that are convenient to use.

– Put them into a garage sale. Most of us have plenty of stuff that could earn us extra dough around the house, including those clothes. You can use that extra cash to buy some new stylish items for your family’s wardrobe!

– Make dust rags. For items that are beyond hope, cut them up and use them for reusable dust rags. A clever idea is to make rectangles that you can use on your Swifter or other floor duster instead of buying the disposable ones.

– Have a closet exchange party. This has become a popular way to bring ‘new-to-you’ items into your wardrobe and allow your friends to take home some of the items you’ve grown tired of.

Once you get through sorting and packing, you should find more space in your closets for the new items you will add this year. If you are also finding more dust bunnies then you want to deal with, call Budget Maids. We can help get your Columbia, Maryland home clean and read for winter and the holidays that are just around the corner!