Recapturing the Space in Your Home

Over time, it is common to end up with more “stuff” than space in your Howard County home. Years and sometimes even decades of accumulating various items can lead to cluttered closets, attics and garages. Often even spare rooms end up full of extra furniture, storage tubs and boxes, making the room useless. If this has happened in your home, it may be time to recapture the space in your home! 

Many times there are items that people have socked away in their homes that are being kept for sentimental reasons or for other family members or friends. It seems the older you get, the less space you have, even as children grow up and move out. Sometimes you need to do a realistic purging of the stored items in your Clarksville home to get your space back.

You may be surprised how much extra stuff you have stored and how much space you can create by removing it. Take a little tour around your home and start making a list of things that you no longer use or are storing for someone else. You may have a room full of your adult child’s childhood treasures, a garage with extra beds and dressers stacked up against the walls or a closet full to the ceiling with all kinds of unused décor items. While you kept all these various items for a reason, it may be time to let them go or at least store them somewhere else.

Once you have taken inventory, start categorizing your excess “stuff” into groups. List them under give away/sell, store or other people’s stuff.

–       Give away/sell. These are items you no longer need and but still can be used by others. You may want to make some extra money by selling furniture and larger items through a free online want ad. The rest can to go to charity.

–       Store. If you want to keep some items, but do not plan to use them in the near future, maybe it is time to rent a small storage unit. This can free up your garage and other areas for their intended purposes.

–       Other people’s stuff. Last time you checked, you probably were not listed under “storage units” in the phone book. Give your friends and family a deadline to come and get their stuff or at least pay you to put it in storage with your other items.

Doing a downsizing on your Clarksville, Maryland home can be refreshing. You can use your garage again for your cars or you can change that spare room into a guest or hobby room. Once you get all the old stuff out, you will want to do a good cleaning to get rid of the dust bunnies. If you want a good ceiling to floor cleaning on your newly recovered rooms, give us a call at Budget Maids and we will get them spruced up for you along with any other cleaning you need done.