Pre-Holiday Season To-Do Lists

We know that the holidays are right around the corner. Once the ghosts and goblins are hanging from porches and stenciled on windows, we know that the rest of the holiday season is almost upon us. Now is the time to get some of the pre-holiday tasks done, so you are not so stressed once they are here. 

Are You Staying In Howard County?

Each of us has different traditions. If you travel to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the holidays, how you prepare may be very different then those who play host for the holidays. For those who have holidays at home, there are some things that can be done now to prepare.

  1. Get RSVP’s. If you are hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, find out now who is coming. Help get your family organized by getting them to commit to their plans. This will help you to be better organized as well.
  1. Make gift lists and stick to them. Overspending on the holidays is easy to do. Decide on the list of people you are buying for and think of reasonable, price appropriate gifts for each of them. Set a budget, and stick to it!
  1. Overnight guests. If you will be having family stay with you at your Elkridge or Clarksville home, think of what you need to do to prepare. Does extra bedding need to be retrieved from closets and aired out? Maybe you will need an air mattress for the floor?
  1. Cleaning. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your carpets cleaned and a thorough top to bottom cleaning done on the whole house. Call and get your appointment set up with Budget Maids now for one of the first weeks in November.
  1. Grocery lists. Make your menu and grocery lists for your holiday meals and baking. Keep an eye out for sales on any non-perishable items you may need. Make sure you put the items in a separate spot so they are saved for the holidays and cross them off your list.

Leaving Town?

If you travel for the holidays, it can make it even more stressful. You not only have to get ready for the holidays, but you also need to make travel plans, secure your Clarksville or Elkridge home and pack up the family. Some things you can start doing now to make your holiday away from home go smoother:

  1. Find pet boarding. During the holidays it is hard to find a friend or family member that will have time to watch your pet. Find a reputable pet boarding place now, and take the time to check them out and make reservations.
  2. Pull out the luggage. Make sure your luggage is all in good condition and ready to go. You don’t want to be rushing to the store to buy a new piece at the last minute, when you discover a zipper is broken.
  3. Car maintenance. If you are driving, get the maintenance done now to free up time later. Get your winterization and tire maintenance scheduled now, so your car is ready to go.

Getting a plan started for the holidays will help you knock out some of the shopping and get some preparation out of the way. Anything you can do to free up time later will make your holidays go much smoother, so you can enjoy the time with your family.