Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

418px-Wall_Closet-150x150If your  Clarksville  home has a cleaning cabinet or closet that has fell into disarray, you are not alone. Ironically, cleaning supply cabinets are often one the messiest and most disorganized areas in many homes. Peek under the kitchen sink in even the most immaculate home and you can often find a jumble of bottles, scrubbing pads and boxes. This can make it hard to find the cleaner you need or keep track of what you have and what is running low. 

Start From Scratch

The first step is to clean out the whole cabinet and figure out what you have and where it belongs. If you have more than one bottle of a cleaner open, combine them into one bottle. Through away or recycle any empty bottles or old scrub pads. If there are other items that are not cleaning supplies, such as garbage bags that are in the mix, find another place for them. Make this cabinet only cleaning supplies to keep it simple.

Organizing Containers

Once the cabinet is cleaned out, it is time to put everything back, creating specific areas for each group. There are some great and inexpensive totes and storage containers that work great for this.

–       Stackable bins. These are great for tight spaces. Many have bins that pull out like drawers. These can be used for sponges, scrubbers and other cleaning tools. Label each bin so everyone in the house knows where to find them and where to put them back!

–       Cleaning tote. A tote works great for your spray bottles and other cleaners. Get one with a handle that will fit all your cleaners that you use regularly. Put all your kitchen and living room area cleaners such as your furniture polish, window cleaners, kitchen cleaners, etc. in this tote.

–       Hanging bins. Adding bins to the sides of your cabinet or on the inside of the door can save space. Use mounting strips to attach them and you have an easy to reach bin for gloves and other items you use daily. If they will hold damp or wet items, make sure the bin has air holes so they do not mildew.


Ideally, you can create cleaning totes for each bathroom and leave them there. That way you do not have to carry them around the house or try to find what room you last left them in. If your  Clarksville home has two or more levels, at least have one bathroom tote for each level.


Another area that can become disorganized is the broom and mop closet. If you don’t have them already, invest in wall hangers for your long handled brooms, mops and dusters. You can use bins or shelves in your closet to organize any other cleaning supplies that go with these tools such as disposable pads, vacuum bags and other items.

By getting all your cleaning supplies organized, you can save time in your daily and weekly cleaning routines. It also helps you easily see what is running low. If you would rather not have to deal with many of these supplies at all, give us a call at Budget Maids and we can get you set up on a cleaning schedule. And we will even bring our own supplies!