Granite Countertop Tips for Clarksville Homeowners

An increasing number of kitchens in Clarksville, Maryland have granite countertops. Granite is a beautiful and durable countertop material. However, since it is a natural stone material, there are special considerations regarding its cleaning and care. Below we’ve listed some some tips for keeping your granite countertop looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Don’ts for Granite Countertops

When it comes to granite cleaning, Clarksville homeowners, need to remember that granite is a porous material. Even after being sealed there are some household cleaners that should never be used on granite. Cleaning products containing ammonia or bleach should never be used on granite. These harsh chemicals can permanently etch the stone and cause it to lose its luster. Citric acid is another no-no for granite. Any cleaners with lemon, orange or grapefruit ingredients should be avoided. These too can etch your granite surface. This also means that citrus juice spills should be quickly cleaned up on your granite countertop as well. Vinegar, another ‘natural’ cleaning ingredient should be avoided when it comes to granite and other natural stone products.

Best Granite Cleaning Products for Clarksville Homeowners

Do be totally safe in choosing a granite cleaner, look for an indication that the cleaner is pH balanced or pH neutral. This is true for cleaning products you use on any kind of natural stone product, granite, marble or any other true stone product. Wipe up spills of any kind as soon as they happen and daily clean the stone surface with pH balance cleaner that is specifically designed for use on natural stone products. Granite countertops will last for the life of your Clarksville home, and so will their beauty, if you give them the proper care and protection.

Protect Your Granite From the Uninformed

Even when the Clarksville, Maryland homeowner understand the proper care methods to use for their granite, other individuals who are in their home may not. Good intentions can go all wrong if your house guests decide to help you with cleanup and choose to use glass cleaner or some other common household cleaner on your countertop. To avoid this, some Clarksville homeowners keep their granite cleaner visibly sitting on their countertop or at the front of the cleaning product cabinet. It is also important that everyone in the household understands the reasons behind the granite cleaning ‘rules.’

If they use a cleaning service, Clarksville homeowners need to question the cleaning company about the type of cleaners they use for natural stone surfaces. And ‘green’ cleaning products are some of those products that need to be questioned the most, since they often contain citrus or vinegar. Of course, at Budget Maids, we are fully aware of which products are and are not safe for the granite countertops in Clarksville, Maryland homes. We will happily show you the products that we use and assure you that we use each product only on the surfaces they are meant for. Call and ask about the products we use and recommend for granite countertops.