How to get that electric kettle sparkling

We all love the modern features of our electric kettle – how we can just plug it in and go and get on with something else while the water boils. But how often do you clean yours? Some electronic devices these days can be sensitive to harsh cleaning agents but not cleaning them can result in mineral deposits clogging your electronic kettle in particular. Here’s a few Budget Maids tips to cleaning yours:


  • Never scrub. Scourers and other abrasive cloths will cause damage to your kettle. What you’re looking to clean out are mineral and limescale deposits and the best way to do this is with a neutralising agent, such as:
  • Use white vinegar. White vinegar is great at cleaning away grime and clogged deposits. In addition, it’s perfectly safe and won’t cause any damage. Fill the electronic kettle with equal parts water and white vinegar, and allow your kettle to boil as usual. Allow the solution to cool in the kettle before cleaning it out. Rinse well with hot water, and dry with a cloth.
  • Detecting vinegar? It is possible that you may detect a taste or smell of vinegar after you’ve boiled your kettle with a good amount of white vinegar. If this is the case, cut a lemon into thick slices and boil them with hot water. The strong acid in the lemon slices will eliminate any the odour of any remaining vinegar. The lemon in itself will add a little sparkle to your kettle, as well as leaving a lovely fresh scent.
  • Clean regularly. The secret to a sparkling clean electric kettle is to avoid limescale or other mineral build-up inside. And to achieve this it really should be cleaned at least once every six to eight weeks. Not only will your kettle take less effort to get clean when washed with a vinegar solution on a regular basis, but it’s likely that your tea or coffee will taste better too.

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