Clever Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

It’s great having your house cleaned by a professional company every week. It means all that scrubbing, thorough wiping and disinfecting is a thing of the past for you. Or is it?


Unfortunately our homes don’t always stay nice and shiny until the next time the nice lady turns up to clean it. That’s because we’re busy living in them. And sometimes that means we have to do a little ‘in-between times’ cleaning. So here’s a quick guide to help when your kitchen (which tends to be the messiest room in our home) gets that little bit too yeuchy to cope with:

  • Clean as you cook
  • This is one we religiously adhere to ourselves. Often recipes provide the odd five or ten minutes breathing space while some of the ingredients are being cooked. Instead of nipping through and watching 10 minutes of TV it’s a better idea to clean that bowl that we’ve just mixed stuff in. And while you’re at it, throw in that knife, spoon and the measuring cups too. In other words, wash as you go. Doing this not only feels satisfying but also means you don’t have to face a huge pile of dishes before heading to bed.
  • Clear up clutter
  • That’s continual clutter such as plates, utensils and bowls that you never use but are lying around in drawers and cupboards anyway just taking up space and getting dusty and dirty. If you haven’t used them in some time pack them in a box and store them in a cupboard somewhere. Just don’t refill the space with more kitchen gear you won’t use! In fact, see all that stuff lying around on the worktops such as the liquidizer, smoothie maker and steamer? Put THAT in the newly cleared cupboards.
  • Gear up for the grill
  • One of the messiest of all cooking implements, this doesn’t have to be a nightmare to clean every time you cook. Not if you lightly wipe it with oil prior to putting any food down. That way the food won’t get too dry and stick to the bars of the grill tray – and you won’t have to spend your precious leisure time scrubbing away at it.

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Image via NaturalMoms