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More DIY Cleaning Tips from Budget Maids

Here at Budget Maids we were so impressed at the response we received to last week’s blog post on DIY cleaning tips that we’ve decided to post up more on this article here too. We hope you enjoy using them – we certainly do.

That’s because not only are many of these tips eco-friendly, but they also cost less in most cases, than conventional cleaning methods, many of which involve having to buy expensive cleaning fluids and sprays. Anyhow, read on for some excellent inspiration:

How’s your pans? If they happen to be burnt right now and you want an easy way of cleaning them then – if you don’t already have some – it’s time to invest in some vinegar and baking soda. What you need to do is pour a cup of water into the pan in question then add one cup of vinegar. Once the water and vinegar mixture is boiling add two tablespoons of baking soda. Next empty the pan and scour with an abrasive cloth.

Keeping carpets clean naturally can be easier than you think. All you need is a little salt, white vinegar and borax. Equipment-wise a vacuum cleaner and carpet steam cleaner are also necessary. First vacuum the carpet well, next mix the above three substances into a paste and apply it to the part of the carpet you want to clean. Once it dries (this should take around three hours) vacuum again.

Next, apply the steam cleaner. Add some white vinegar to the hot water for some super-duper cleaning power. Later use the steam cleaner a second time. Don’t walk on the carpet until completely dry.

If you’re looking for more DIY and green cleaning tips then you can find them on the Budget Maids website under our blog postings. Meanwhile if you find you’re pushed for time or would simply enjoy more leisure than cleaning time then do get in touch with the Budget Maids team here. We offer a maid’s service in Oakton, house cleaning in Fall’s Church and a cleaning service in Reston. However, we service all areas of VA and Maryland. Contact us today for our very competitive prices.


Best DIY Cleaning Tips

Sometimes to get household items really clean and sparkling you have to go down the non-conventional route and apply some DIY cleaning tips. From zapping a dishcloth in the microwave to dunking knifes in lemon juice – it can pay to think outside the box.

But don’t worry, we’ve already done it for you. Just read on with our post right here:

Cleaning a dishcloth with the microwave. Yep, this really is an effective – and easy – way of getting rid of kitchen germs. For the incredible heat a microwave reaches won’t just clean your cloths – happily, it will also sterilize them. Simple rinse the sponge in fresh tap water, place in the microwave and ‘cook’ for around two minutes. Next, remove the cloth with tongs and allow to cool. Voila!

Shining up knives using store-bought lemon juice. This is easy-peasy yet so effective. Simply pour some lemon juice into a tumbler then sit rust-ridden knives in there for around five minutes. Afterwards scrub the knives with an abrasive pad and just watch those rust stains fade into nothingness. It’s like magic!

Employ your dishwasher to get rid off dirt. We don’t just mean dirt from dishes here but from all manner of household items such as children’s toys, pet bowls and even toothbrushes. With regards to the first items mentioned ie children’s toys just make sure they contain no batteries, fabric or LED parts – otherwise you may be facing a tiny tantrum once the toys are returned! Anyhow, back to washing- simply lay the items neatly in the dishwasher, it on a gentle cycle and add some natural cleaner. That’s it – you’re done!

Make your own personalized fabric conditioner. Some of the laundry conditioners on sale in stores these days can really stink. And that’s why we thought we’d give you some tips here at Budget Maids on how to make your own. One of our favorite ways is to simply spritz some lavender water into the machine prior to switching on. Lavender is so strong that you don’t need a lot and your clothes will definitely come out smelling of this lovely fresh scent. And the best bit about this idea? You can use any type of essential oil you like. Just put some into a spritzer and dilute with oil. It’s fab!

Get more DIY cleaning tips from our website here at Budget Maids. Alternatively hire us to carry out some of our cleaning magic at your home. We offer a maids service in Vienna, house cleaning in Potomac and a cleaning service in Reston and surrounds ie all areas of Maryland and VA. Do give us a call anytime.




5 Bright Bathroom Cleaning Tips

We wouldn’t exactly describe bathroom cleaning as one of the highlights of our weekend but, let’s face it, it’s something that has to be done and the quicker the better.
In order to get it over with quickly – and not in a rushed way – there’s some tips from the very experienced team here at Budget Maids:

5 Bathroom cleaning tips

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t bother investing in different types of cleaners for the toilet bowl, sink and bath – just get the one all-purpose disinfectant for all porcelain items. Mirrors need a special cleaner (or just a vinegar solution and wallpaper if you want to clean them the eco way).
  2. Don’t forget the small stuff. What are we talking about here? It’s the soap dish (if you still have one), the toothbrush holder and that little glass shelf just abover the sink. Do these quickly on a weekly basis and they’ll never get to that yeuchy state we all know too well. Actually a great tip or the soap dish is to dab a little olive oil on it to prevent the soap from sticking!
  3. Use the fan. There’s a reason you have a ventilator fan – to prevent mold from building up in your shower. And if you don’t switch it on often enough then that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Mildew and mold doesn’ just look awful and is bad for your health when inhaled – it’s also a pain to clean. So avoid it by not even going there in the first place.
  4. Totally clean the toilet. That means not just inside the bowl by putting bleach down, but also under the lid, the rim, the push button or handle and even the toilet brush too. Do make sure the brush is completely dry though beore sticking it back in the holder so at to prevent a build up of bacteria.
  5. Add a little fragrance. It’s not strictly a cleaning tip but adding a sheet of febreeze in the laundry basket or dabbing some essential oil onto the light bulb/s in your bathroom can give the room a lovely aroma and provide a little pick me up for anyone who happens to go in there.

Here at Budget Maids we have a whole book full of cleaning tips. But if you don’t have time to read them then let us come and do the cleaning for you. We provide house cleaning in Potomac, maid services in Vienna and home cleaning services in Arlington and other parts of VA and Maryland. Why not give us a call today?

Housework Needn’t Be Dull…

Ask most people what they think about housework and routine cleaning chores and they’ll most likely tell you it bored them rigid. But you know, here at Budget Maids, we’re not so negative. In fact, there are times when we really love our jobs. Why? Well read on to find out how to make housework fun.


Crack up the sound system

Get the sounds going and the volume pumping. There’s nothing that adds vigour to your step and general movements than some rhythm – and the louder the better (provided it stays within your neighbors tolerance levels!

Embrace the great outdoors

On a sunny Fall day head out for some yard work or hand wash laundry in the garden. Now is also the time to give the windows a good wash. That’s because it’s the perfect opportunity to let dream and enjoy some Fall sunshine at the same time.

Make cleaning time family time

Few moms have the luxury these days to spend hours on end cleaning the home. But by making household cleaning a family affair, you’ll find extra time to spend with the kids. Gather the kids around a bowl of snacks and all start sorting and folding laundry. Think of fun and creative games to play which will result in the whole family helping out with household chores – without them even realizing it!

Make it social

Ever thought about getting your neighbors to help clean your home? Something as simple as a yard or boot sale can mean just that! Just arrange neatly on a table in your front yard all those goods you never use and which clutter up your spare room. Better still, gets the kids to sell them for you! They’ll love playing shopkeepers.

What the above tips show is that altering your mindset you can actually make household cleaning more of a pleasure than a chore – and even something you can enjoy with the whole family.

For those days though when you need a helping hand, the eager Budget Maids team will always be around to call on. We provide house cleaning in Reston, maid services in Arlington and home cleaning services in Falls Church and other areas of VA and Baltimore.






Keep Your Computer Monitor Dust-free

With the average American adult now spending up to eleven hours in front an electronic screen of some sort – and many of these hours in front of a computer whether for surfing the Internet, working from home, or playing games – there has to be a lot of dirty screens out there. And one of them is probably yours. Here’s how to make sure you get the clearest picture possible from your computer monitor:

See the dust

We hardly pick up on dust (and how dirty a monitor is) if it’s switched on. So, when cleaning your computer monitor switch it off first. How dusty is it? How are the little crevices round the back and down the sides of the monitor?

Easy cleaning

A computer or laptop monitor is like any other electronic device in terms of being sensitive to both moisture and water. Also, don’t use a cleaning agent which typically contains ammonium or alcohol. A monitor should firstly be wiped clean with a moist cloth, and if your monitor is particularly sticky or gluey (for touch screens in particular!) apply a cleaning agent which has been specially created for electronic devices.

Mind the cloth

Besides getting the monitor too wet, the other major danger is the cloth you will be using. Don’t use a cloth that can disintegrate such as paper towels. Instead use a microfiber cloth. This can be bought at any good household or electronic store.

How often?

How often you clean your monitor all depends on your environment. Do you have pets around, does your home desk get dusty quite often, and is your monitor standing close to an open window? All of these factors influence how quickly your monitor will collect dust and other dirt.


If cleaning the monitor of your computer or laptop with specialised cleaning agents and cloths sound like the only cleaning task you may get around to in your home – then you had better call on Budget Maids to take care of the rest. We offer professional maid services in Columbia, household cleaning in Falls Church and home cleaning in Vienna and other parts of VA and Maryland.


Create a Calming And Clean Bedroom

Do you dream of a bedroom that is neat and tidy and wonderfully calming to enter? If your bedroom is the opposite scenario then worry not.  We’ll give you a quick run down here on how to get it ship shape again:

Stock up on cleaning fluids

Bedroom cleaning requires no hard-to-get supplies, but your tools and clothes, brushes etc need to be ready for action when it’s time to embark on that carefully drawn-up cleaning schedule. And it means there is no excuse for postponing the cleaning! What you’ll need at the ready is a good general cleaning agent clean and soft rags for cleaning and a vacuum to help cope with various surfaces.

Small task, big reward

Never leave your bed unmade. This is the simplest way to achieve a ‘calming’ bedroom environment. Just quickly tug the linen here and there, pull out a fresh pillow case and smooth the bed cover down. Around once a week clean the sheets and air the blankets.


Tackling the rest of the debris

Do you have clothes from yesterday lying around? Or maybe even last night’s bedtime hot chocolate mug? Grab these and any other items that can be stored away without losing too much time before leaving for work. At night get rid of the daily debris in your bedroom such as clothes, shoes and tights etc. Leave the rest for the weekend.

Weekend clean-up

Flooring takes a lot of abuse. Make your bedroom flooring your cleaning priority over the weekend or when time allows. Carpets look all new with a good vacuuming effort and wooden or tile floors are even easier to clean. For extra dust cleaning, vacuum any loose carpets and the window sill. And once you’ve cleaned the flooring, do away with items that are leaving your floor cluttered and unwelcoming (last week’s papers or old magazines etc). No trash is allowed either.

Even a teenager can keep to the above easy bedroom cleaning tips, but if you have ideals of spending your time relaxing elsewhere rather than cleaning the bedroom, why not call on us here at Budget Maids? We offer specialised and professional household cleaning in Falls Church, cleaning services in Rockville and maid services throughout Maryland and VA. We’ll deal with your dirty rooms in no time at all.


Wiping Down Those Walls

Walls are a key feature in any home. Whether you prefer clean lines, wallpaper or even plenty of artwork – those self-same walls still need to be cleaned every now and again. Stains of all sorts are common although those produced by grease or oil tend to be the biggest nuisance and most stubborn.


Big dust problem

Do you suffer from a big dust problem in your home? If so, then you’re certainly not alone. Wiping down the walls with a wet cloth or even vacuuming using a soft brush attachment is the best way to tackle dust. Wiping with a duster is the worst thing you could do since all that does is shit the dust and it’ll stay up there on the walls for longer.

Basic clean first

Before you even think about tackling the stains on the wall, get rid of the cobwebs and adjacent ceiling or floor dust first. Next, clean stains with warm water and a good general cleaning agent. If that doesn’t work go onto harsher cleaning fluids.

Targeting the tough stains

It’s not uncommon to find stains that are so tough, even a fresh layer of paint on top doesn’t help. What we’re talking about here is oil-borne stains. And  really, the only way to get rid of these, is to use a cleaning agent containing TSP cleaner.

This is an effective degreaser and a component in typical stain removal agents. In powder form TSP is easily applied to walls – although it does take a bit of scrubbing with a scourer. It’s important too to wear gloves to protect your skin.


With young children you can always count on pen or crayon marks. Don’t despair though, an alcohol solution should do the trick here.

Clean walls will leave your home looking fresh and well cared for. If this is what you dream of but don’t have the time to make it a reality then don’t despair – simply pick up the phone and give the team here at Budget Maids a call. We provide home cleaning in Falls Church, maid services in Columbia and house cleaning in Olney as well as other parts of VA and Maryland.

In Praise of the Potato

It could be the current lack of finances or just the thought of driving through rush-hour traffic to get to the supermarket, but whatever makes you seek out household cleaning alternatives, it can’t be a bad thing financially. Take raw potatoes for instance….


No more rust

Unfortunately rust can be fairly common in old buildings and in our kitchens as a whole. It could be via your stove or a cast iron pan – whatever, it’s not something you want in sight. Enter therefore the raw potato. Cut it in half, dip the raw edge in either soap or baking soda then use the potato as a scourer and scrub away to your heart’s content. The effectiveness of this solution is all down to the potato’s oxalic acid content.

Sparkling silverware

No time to go and buy silverware buffing products? Then turn to those raw potatoes again. The vegetable is as good as any expensive silverware cleaning product. Cut a potato in exactly the size or shape needed to get to small crevices or twirls in your precious silverware to make it even more effective.

Magic stain removal

Stains in the kitchen or living room are common in virtually every household – but all can be overcome with the help of the simple potato. Simply place a raw potato over the stain and allow the potato slice to absorb the grease or fatty stain.

Potatoes are entirely safe and non-toxic to use as household cleaners. Not only that but there’s also far less expensive than forking out for a bottle of trendy chemicals.

If you live in the Maryland or VA area and simply don’t have the time or inclination to get down to some household cleaning then do call on us here at Budget Maids for professional cleaning help. We offer house cleaning in Potomac, cleaning services in Arlington and maid services in Columbia and other towns in the area. Why not call ur team today and make an appointment to have your home sparkling clean some day soon.




Safely Disposing of Household Cleaners

Household cleaners are so effective these days – but at what cost? Disposing of harsh chemicals is causing our rivers and soil to become polluted in many instances. Because of this – and for your own peace of mind – it’s good to know which chemicals you can throw away with gusto and the others that you want to treat with extra special care to prevent harming the environment. Do read on…


Meanwhile, all cleaning products have an expiry date. The reason for this is that the chemicals contained in them tend to lose potency over time.

Water-soluble products

Water-soluble products are very easy to dispose of and can even be flushed down your garden drain. Gels and powder cleaners also come under this category and can be dealt with likewise. So to can bleaches and detergents.

Take to the trash

The type of cleaning products that shouldn’t be put down the drain are those which are solid to begin with eg in disc, pad or crystal form. The reason these should be disposed of in the trash rather than poured down the drain is because the longer they take to dissolve, the higher the risk of the chemicals they contain doing damage.

When to ask for advice

All cleaners – particularly those for use on ovens or drains – will usually contain instructions on the best way to dispose of them. If you are at all unsure about how to dispose of the cleaners then it is usually possible to call the cleaning company (the manufacturer’s for which will probably have a toll-free number on the bottle).

If you find that your cleaning products are getting out of date or have already expired then perhaps it’s time for you to call on our services here at Budget Maids. Our team of professionals offer household cleaning in Columbia, home cleaning services in Vienna and maid services in Falls Church and other areas of VA and Maryland. So don’t delay – give us a call today!

Re-purposing Everyday Household Items

Have you ever re-purposed a household item after running out of conventional cleaning equipment or fluids? If your clever switch gave you a sense of satisfaction – as well as a cleaner home – then read on for we’re sure you’re going to be very interested in the following:

No steel-wool? Use foil

A small amount of aluminium foil rolled into a ball can work just as well as steel wool when it comes to scrubbing dishes and glasses. And if recycling is important to you and your family, you can even consider scrunching up used foil (provided it’s not too greasy). Apply dishwashing soap to the foil ball and scrub as you usually would.


Old toothbrush? New scrubber!

Old toothbrushes are the handiest of items for getting in to hard-to-reach corners (such as crevices behind bathroom taps) or scrubbing down grout between tiles. Just pour some general purpose cleaning agent into a bucket of hot water and you’re good to go.

Old pillowcases or towels for dust cloths

You’ve used them for years, and want to chuck them out. But think twice. Worn pillowcases or towels make great cloths for dusting, wiping or drying surfaces. The fact they’re not new makes them even better for dust absorption.

Multi purposes for the dishwasher

Dishwashers are a saving grace in most households. And you can use yours for a whole lot more than just washing crockery. Vases, many ornaments and even plastic water bottles or refrigerator and fridge drawers or shelves can all be given a spruce up in the dishwasher.

We live at a time where re-using, recycling and re-purposing aren’t just trends, but expected of us. And here at Budget-Maids we try to be as eco-friendly as possible. If you’re finding that your home or office cleaning jobs are becoming too much to handle then no do give us a call here at Budget Maids. Our friendly and reasonably-priced service includes house cleaning in Columbia, cleaning services in Olney and maid services Vienna as well as other areas in VA and Maryland.