Caring For Your Wood Furniture

Wood furnishings can add a touch of class to a home and are stunning when they are properly cleaned and cared for. However, wood is more fickle then its synthetic counterparts and needs special care to make it last and stay beautiful. If you have wood furnishings or cabinets in your Elkridge home, here are some tips to keep it protected and clean while retaining its beauty. 


Keeping your wood furniture free of dust build-up not only makes it look nicer it also protects it from harm. Dust, which is made up of many airborne particles can leave a filmy layer on your wood that can eventually lead to scratches on the surface. There are a few good clothes to use for dusting that are gentle enough for wood. While feather dusters will move the dust, most of it goes into the air just to settle back down again when you are done.

–       Treated cloths. These soft, non-scratching clothes will hold dust and are much better for wood then using sprays that contain silicone.

–       Lint-free cloths. Soft t-shirts or diaper rags can be great for dusting. Dampen them slightly to attract dust.

–       Lamb-wool dusters. For carved or hard to reach areas, a lamb-wool duster works well.

How often you need to dust can depend on the time of year and the amount of people and pets in your home. At Budget Maids, our staff routinely cares for our client’s wood furnishings with regular dusting when they perform weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning


There should not be much cleaning needed on most woodwork but cabinets and tables can need occasional removal of dirty fingerprints or spills. Never use all-purpose cleaners on wood. Instead, remove any spots with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water and wrung so it is only damp. Follow with a water-dampened cloth and then quickly wipe until dry with another dry cloth.


Furniture oils contain oils that protect the wood by adding a layer of oil between the wood and dust. Oils will make the furniture and surface look nice and shiny, but can smear and leave smudges easily. Commercial furniture sprays often contain silicone oil that does protect the surface as well, but can leave a residue that will need to be removed if or when the wood is refinished.


Most new wood furnishings come with a finish already applied. To keep it looking new and to protect the finish from scratches, wax can be applied. A paste wax will last up to two years, while liquid waxes need to be applied more often. It can take some practice to make sure there are no streaks or dullness. Always apply lightly, with the grain and polish dry with a soft cloth.

If you keep up on regular dusting and waxing on the wood fixtures in your home, they can stay beautiful for decades. It is worth the time to take care of the wood that adds so much warmth to your home.