Buff up your brass better

There is no denying that copper and brass ornaments consist of beautiful artefacts which can often tell stories of yesteryear and traditional living.  But what a nightmare they are to keep clean! But, listen up because we have some brilliant tips for keeping your copper and silverware shining, right here at Budget Maids:


Rely on a friend

There are special ‘household friends’ that come in handy for just about any cleaning job.  Our reliable household cleaning friends include: white vinegar and baking soda.  Mix white vinegar and baking soda in a 30/70 ratio, adding more baking soda than white vinegar to create a paste which is not only convenient to use, but will get into every imaginable small crease and corner of your copper and brassware.

A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way

Copper and brassware rarely require intensive scrubbing.  It’s a more of rubbing and buffing action (think Alladin’s lamp). Using your baking soda paste,  gently rub your artefacts until they are evenly covered with the cleaning paste.  Watch you don’t put on too much paste though. A thin coating is best  to start with.  Next, using a clean, soft cloth start buffing your copper or brass item. Buff down It’s best to prevent the paste from drying because it’ll take more effort and longer to buff down completely.

Systematic cleaning

Do each item completely before moving on to the next – because its horrible to spend hours trying to remove caked baking soda paste.

Add a bit of polish

To save yourself time add a bit of polish after the rubbing, cleaning and buffing steps.  But make sure it’s a metal polish suitable for copper and brassware.  It’s good to know too that with a coating of polish all your copper and brassware will be less likely to gather dust or turn dull – meaning you won’t hat to clean them so soon next time.

Many of us tend to collect too many knick knacks for our homes, resulting in what feels like a colossal cleaning task after a time. If you have one too many glass vases, copper kettles or other oddities in your home and never have the time to clean and polish, why not call on Budget Maids for help?  We offer cleaning services throughout Maryland and VA, including house cleaning in Rockville and maid services in Falls Church. 

 image via wikihow.com