Budget Maids proves a lifeline for new moms

New moms could be forgiven for letting the tidiness quota of their home fall away as they get the little one acquainted with their new surroundings.  But after a while that untidiness can become a little overwhelming and even a touch depressing.


And that’s just where a house cleaning service such as Budget Maids can help give new mom’s a lift. We don’t just undertake intensive cleaning programs or insist on scrubbing your home from top-to-bottom for an annual spring and seasonal clean. Not at all.

We’re also happy to come and do a little tidying up and decluttering. Just give us a shout (or a call) and we’ll come and give some advice on how you could acquire a bit more space in your home or make your cleaning routine a lot less stressful.

Tips to help new moms fight the cleaning battle

·         Learn to delegate the housework. Yes, even if your other half is out working all day. What does he think you’re doing – sitting around watching TV?! For instance, if you make the meal at night, get him to clear up afterwards.

·         Concentrate on one room at a time. For instance, Tuesday could be the kitchen, Wednesday the bathroom, Thursday for the hallway (which is also the day you go grocery shopping) etc to make you feel more organised and on top of things. It’s also dividing the house cleaning into more manageable chunks.

·         Do three chores at the end of every day. This could be recycling the newspapers and magazines, tidying up your desk and putting away the ironing. Tidying and cleaning as you go along becomes a habit and means there’s not  a huge overwhelming amount to tackle all at once when you finally crack at all the mess.

·         Hire a house cleaning service. Here at Budget Maids we offer different types of services and we can certainly come in and give you some breathing space – even if it’s just for baby’s first years.

If you live in VA and are interested in our services – whether it’s a Maid Service in Olney, House Cleaning in Olney or a Cleaning Service Falls Church, then pop on over to Budget Maids today.

Image via VoiceinRecovery.com