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E-devices: have you cleaned yours recently?

In this electronic age we all love using our computers, e-readers, smartphones, electronic notebooks, tablets and all those e-devices that make our lives a whole lot easier and comfortable.  We use them all day long, wherever we go and, let’s face it, most of couldn’t live without them these days.But because of our frequent use of them our electronic devices can get incredibly grubby and dirty.  They pick up all sorts of germs and actually need cleaned pretty regularly. Here’s how to do it:


How to clean e-devices

Although the urge may arise to grab a cloth and a general cleaning agent – never, ever do this. We are dealing with electronics here, and they are super sensitive to chemicals and moisture so require proper care.  Dry cleaning, dusting, and a quick wipe with the correct e-device cleaning agent are the way to go.


Believe it or not, dust is an electronic device’s worst enemy.  For this reason, many electronic experts believe that if you can regularly dust down your device in the correct way you can bet on it lasting a long time. Regularly dust down your computer and keyboard with a fine duster and check your tablet and smartphone while you’re at it.

Sanitizing spray

Much has been said about the germ levels of our mobile phones and tablets.  After all, we take these devices just about everywhere we go – they are nothing short of germ magnets!  The good news is that there are dedicated sanitizing sprays on the market.  These sprays are your safest solution for cleaning your electronic devices.

You can be sure that the products developed specifically for electronic devices are safe for use and will not damage your electronics.  E-device experts recommend lightly spraying a microfiber cloth with a sanitizing spray, followed by a quick wipe down of your device.  Do not overdo it and never soak your device in sanitizer or other cleaning agent.

E-devices need a little bit of extra care when it comes to keeping them clean.  However, once you have the right cleaning agents and dusters, keeping them clean should be quick and easy.But, if the rest of your home is in a state of desperate cleaning care and which is certainly going to take a little more than just a quick wipe down with a santizing agent, then remember that at Budget Maids we’re always here to help out.We offer cleaning services in Reston, maid services in Olney and professional housecleaning services in Rockville and other areas of VA and Maryland. Give us a call!



5 tips for a perfect ironing pile

Whether you hit that ironing pile of yours on a Sunday evening, or you’re the type who scrambles for a hot iron prior to rushing out the door for work,  ironing is a task that unfortunately we all have to face some time during our week. And here’s 5 Budget Maids tips to get it done quickly and efficiently:


  1. Keep your iron clean. Now, when was the last time you cleaned your iron? It’s a good idea to give it a wipe immediately after you’ve used it – that way that unfortunate burning incident with your latest polyester garment won’t get a chance to ruin your next pile. Most irons suffer a bit of abuse through wear and tear and we really can’t expect them to perform optimally unless we’re prepared to take care of them. Clean out any trapped residue by setting the iron to steam and pouring in a mild vinegar solution.
  2. Dampen your dresses. Or any other item of clothing, for that matter. That’s because not only will you need less effort to iron, but the steam action will work better. Place a damp cloth over your garment or spray it lighting with clean water to dampen it.
  3. Iron clothes inside out. The reason for this is to ensure that the fabric will remain looking its best. You’ll be less likely to burn your clothes and at the same time you’ll avoid that awful ‘ironing sheen.’
  4. Spray stubborn wrinkles. Spray wrinkles with plenty of water, even dampen the garment pretty well from the start if necessary before hitting it with a warm iron.
  5. Read the label. Most garments, from silk blouses to woolen jackets, can be ironed but it’s always worth casting a quick eve over the label’s instructions. Even the most delicate of garments can be iron-ready if you follow the instructions by the letter.

Ironing is one of the most hated household chores. If it’s one of your big bugbears then why not call on the Budget Maids team here for help? We provide professional cleaning and maid help in all areas of VA and Maryland. For instance, we offer household cleaning in Columbia, maid services in Falls Church and cleaning services in Vienna and thereabouts.

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Say goodbye to soap scum – forever!

Soap scum build-up is one sign of a home in need of some cleaning TLC.  No bath tub, basin, shower or kitchen basin escapes those annoying waxy rings and spots familiar to us all as soap scum. And it’s even worse if you live in a State which supplies hard water.  But, as usual, don’t fear for here at Budget Maids we know how you can say farewell to them forever.


Soap scum explained

Soap scum is a build up of the minerals such calcium and sodium. These are usually present in water with the content even higher in hard water.  When soap is mixed with water, and particularly hard water, a residue is formed (soap scum). Unfortunately this also tends to incorporate surface bacteria, dirt and grime. 

Avoid the build-up 

With every bath, shower or wash, soap scum inevitably builds up, creating a tough long-lasting residue if it’s not dealt with quickly.  The nasty thing about soap scum is that it  builds up and so becomes harder to remove completely the longer you leave it.

Cleaning remedies

When it comes to cleaning away soap scum, there are a whole handful of cleaning remedies. The best of them are actually already in your kitchen cupboards: general purpose cleaning agents, vinegar, and baking soda.  Use baking soda and white vinegar to make a paste for effective soap scrum scrubbing.

Alternatively, a strong general purpose cleaning agent should do the job just as well.  Be careful of scouring agents though – these can easily leave behind scratches on your bathtub or basin.  The key is to always use hot water when cleaning soap scum.  That’s because hot water will help dissolve the scum and, at the same time, leave your basins and tubs sparkling clean.

As with most cleaning jobs in and around the home, prevention is key.  Get in the habit of cleaning areas prone to soap scum at least every other day to prevent it building up.Remember, no cleaning or scrubbing task is too big or small for the Budget Maids team.We offer home cleaning in Arlington, house cleaning in Rockville and maid services in Falls Church and surrounds.

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5 clever cleaning tips for price tags

Have you bought a new household item, or just never managed to get rid of the stain left by price tags on certain ornaments or home goods? We know just how annoying these adhesive stickers can be, and that is why we are sharing five clever tips for get rid off them on our goods. Here is what you’ll need:


Cooking oil spray. Spray a little cooking oil onto the household item and leave it to stand for a while. Next, spray some more cooking oil onto a cloth and simply rub away at the adhesive. It should come off easily.

Adhesives on wood or glass.  A safe option for protecting both your wooden and glass homeware is to rub adhesives away with a clean cloth dunked in vinegar. Vinegar won’t harm the item and, more importantly, there’s no health risks for you if it’s inhaled.

Furniture polish. Just bought new plastic patio furniture and the ugly price label is as stubborn as a mule? Then simply use your ordinary household furniture polish to get rid of it. This really works with plastic.

Soak ‘em. An old-school way to clean sticky adhesives from plastic, glass and other homeware items is to soak the item in warm soapy water for a couple of hours. However, depending on the glue used, you may still need to scrub a bit to get rid of all sticky material, even after soaking.

Pure alcohol. Cotton wool soaked in alcohol can do wonders when it comes to beating any old sticky adhesive into submission. Just make sure it’s pure alcohol, which you’ll be able to buy from your local pharmacist.

No doubt you have already discovered that adhesives can be extremely annoying – some price stickers can even leave residues for years. But employing the above five devices, the Budget Maids team here are sure you’ll be able to beat just about any sticky adhesive in your home.

And on that note, at Budget Maids we’re always ready to help with any type of domestic cleaning service. We offer home cleaning in Arlington, house cleaning in Oakton, and if you need more than just cleaning of sticky messes in your home, maid services in Potomac and other areas of VA and Maryland.

Your Daily Household Cleaning Checklist

The idea of daily household cleaning can seem like a real drag to some of us. But it needn’t be that depressing – not when you’re armed with a quick cleaning checklist. The good news is you can do it quickly and easily then just get on with the rest of your day. And it means no big monthly household clean either. 


  • Today’s dishes. Deal with today’s dishes today.  It can be tempting to let your dishes pile up while you attend to what you consider to be more important matters. But letting your dishes pile up is depressing – a clean kitchen is so much more welcoming. Also, it’s even more difficult to clean dishes if food has stuck hard to plates.
  • Countertop & stove. Most of us use our stoves and kitchen countertops daily.  And that’s why it makes sense to wipe them daily too.  It only take a few minutes but it’ll spare you the far lengthier effort of coping with congealed food and grease stains at the end of the week.
  • Bathroom blitz. At the end of every day grab a cloth and quickly scoot through your bathroom with it. Wipe down the sink, bath, mirror and toilet.  It’ll only take a couple of minutes and it’ll prevent harder scrubbing at a later date.
  • Keep clothes where they belong. Don’t delay in folding ironing, hanging up clothes in closets and packing away seasonal clothes for storing. After all, you want to have fun on your weekends, not spend them immersed in a pile of jans and jumpers.  Always get the rest of the family involved in this one. It’s their clothes after all!
  • Five minute de-clutter. At the end of the day make sure everyone has removed their own clutter, toys, books, clothes and any other unwelcome items lying around making the place look untidy. Dedicate a storage container for items you’re not sure what to do with and  make sure you empty it at the end of the week.

As you can see from the above bullet points a small daily household cleaning routine can go a long way to keeping your home always ship shape and means no embarrassing moments when a neighbour or friend pop by unexpectedly. If, however, you feel even the above makes your heart sink, then do give us a call here at Budget Maids. We’re experts in tidying and cleaning with maid services in Columbia, housecleaning in Rock Falls and cleaning services in Arlington and surrounds.  So don’t delay – call us today!

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Understanding the ABC of cleaning agents

Do the hundreds of cleaning agents out there, with their complex-sounding chemical ingredients leave you feeling mighty confused?  Well, join the club! You’re certainly not the only one struggling to make sense of all those cleaning agents currently lining our supermarket shelves.

At Budget Maids we’re here to try and help with supplying a quick and easy guide to finding the right cleaning agent for your particular household cleaning job:

Cleaning supplies 008

All-purpose cleaning agent

All-purpose cleaning agents are effective provided you stick to the instructions. They’re usually good for cleaning a variety of surfaces and textures, from carpets and glass to wood and tile flooring.  And that’s why they actually make a good cleaning staple for your home.  A single all-purpose cleaning agent can, in fact, replace an entire bucket full of detergents, cleaning scrubs and sanitizers.  So – good for de-cluttering too!

Dealing with germs

For some household cleaning tasks such as bathroom cleaning, kitchen countertop cleaning and kitchen basin cleaning, you really want to clean deep. It’s about more than just cleaning the surfaces of dirt and grime.  No, it’s more about eliminating common household germs.  In which case, it’s time to bring out the disinfectant or sanitizer. Again, use these cleaners strictly according to their instructions for them to be really effective.

Deodorizer – the luxury item

Sometimes, after a hard day in the office or a few days away nothing is more welcoming than a clean and pleasant smelling home.  And, indeed, why would we slave away at cleaning our home, only to leave it smelling clinically clean and full of funny chemical smells? Choose a deodorizer that matches your home and which all the family love: there’s a huge choice of them out there.

When to apply caution

Using different cleaning agents for different tasks is good household cleaning practice, but do apply caution when mixing different ones together. That’s because many cleaning agent instructions warn against mixing due to potentially severe allergic reactions.

With so many cleaning products and agents around, it really isn’t a big surprise to learn that many householders dread having to choose products for household cleaning tasks. If this is the case for you then why not consider calling on the expertise of the Budget Maids team? We offer professional  household cleaning in Olney, maid services in Reston and cleaning services in Potomac as well as other areas of VA and Maryland.

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3 essential bathroom cleaning secrets

The bathroom.  It’s always in the cross-fire: morning rush, evening rush, weekend guests – how do you keep up cleaning-wise?  With white being the popular bathroom color, keeping everything pristine isn’t easy.  Or so you thought!  Here’s three clever ideas which will make your bathroom less of a warzone and more a peaceful retreat.  Doesn’t that sound nice? See our following Budget Maids tips to make sure you come out victorious:


Dirty shower curtains? Off to the washing machine

Most people will admit to trying to clean shower curtains by hand.  But soap scum is a nightmare and not a good use of time. But, did you know it’s possible to clean your shower curtains in the washing machine? Just pop in a few towels to stabilise the load.  Select a cold wash, and use detergent as usual.  Drip dry and we guarantee, you’ll be impressed with the result.

Mildew?  Bleach to the rescue

Mildew is a huge complaint when it comes to bathrooms.  It’s nasty to clean and time-intensive. But there’s an easier way: prepare a bleach solution (the concentration of which depends on how much mildew there is), grab a pair of rubber gloves then wash the tiles, ceiling, floor and anywhere else you spot mildew. Repeat a few times until it’s gone. 

Everything else: wax it

There’s nothing more disheartening than having to scrub away watermarks, soap scum and the likes. But there’s an easy way: simply wax it. Apply a waterproof wax to the tiles, glass shower door, mirror and even steel or chrome taps and showerheads.  It makes a huge difference and, happily, no more water and soap streaks means you can easily clean up the bathroom without wasting time on those darned stains.

The above three cleaning secrets will really help keep your bathroom looking clean and refreshed.  But should you need a helping hand with this – or anything else in your home for that matter, then do give us a call here at Budget Maids.  We offer home cleaning services in Olney, house cleaning in Reston and maid services in Arlington. We can see to every home cleaning related task out there – so you don’t have to!

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Buff up your brass better

There is no denying that copper and brass ornaments consist of beautiful artefacts which can often tell stories of yesteryear and traditional living.  But what a nightmare they are to keep clean! But, listen up because we have some brilliant tips for keeping your copper and silverware shining, right here at Budget Maids:


Rely on a friend

There are special ‘household friends’ that come in handy for just about any cleaning job.  Our reliable household cleaning friends include: white vinegar and baking soda.  Mix white vinegar and baking soda in a 30/70 ratio, adding more baking soda than white vinegar to create a paste which is not only convenient to use, but will get into every imaginable small crease and corner of your copper and brassware.

A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way

Copper and brassware rarely require intensive scrubbing.  It’s a more of rubbing and buffing action (think Alladin’s lamp). Using your baking soda paste,  gently rub your artefacts until they are evenly covered with the cleaning paste.  Watch you don’t put on too much paste though. A thin coating is best  to start with.  Next, using a clean, soft cloth start buffing your copper or brass item. Buff down It’s best to prevent the paste from drying because it’ll take more effort and longer to buff down completely.

Systematic cleaning

Do each item completely before moving on to the next – because its horrible to spend hours trying to remove caked baking soda paste.

Add a bit of polish

To save yourself time add a bit of polish after the rubbing, cleaning and buffing steps.  But make sure it’s a metal polish suitable for copper and brassware.  It’s good to know too that with a coating of polish all your copper and brassware will be less likely to gather dust or turn dull – meaning you won’t hat to clean them so soon next time.

Many of us tend to collect too many knick knacks for our homes, resulting in what feels like a colossal cleaning task after a time. If you have one too many glass vases, copper kettles or other oddities in your home and never have the time to clean and polish, why not call on Budget Maids for help?  We offer cleaning services throughout Maryland and VA, including house cleaning in Rockville and maid services in Falls Church. 

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5 Tips to Get Your Glass Gleaming

Water streaks, soap blotches and tired arms – is this what you think about when you picture having to clean all that glass in your home? Windows, mirrors, glass coffee tables – the oven door for goodness sake; glass seems to be growing in popularity when it comes to home décor these days. And who’s left to ensure it stays clean and sparkling? Yours truly of course! Well, to make life easier, here are 5 little tips we’ve put together right here to get that glass looking spotless – easily:


This may seem a little obvious, but it’s important – remove all blinds, curtains etc that are in the way of the glass. And, if you haven’t cleaned the windows for some time, then give the glass a quick dust off first.


Water Quality

Depending on where in the States you’re currently resident, the tap water may not be that effective for cleaning glass. If you have hard water for instance, you’re more liable to get streaks on the glass. The way to get round this is to use distilled water. It really does make a difference!

Dishwashing formula

Yes, there are dozens of glass cleaning products on the market but our advice?  Use warm water and a touch of dishwashing powder or liquid. Too much soap can be nullified by spraying a mixture of vinegar and water on the glass, which is then quickly wiped dry with a cloth.


Either choose between newspaper or microfiber cloths to clean glass – either is effective and will cut back on streaks.


When washing windows start at the top and work your way down towards the bottom. That way the water won’t splash down on already cleaned sections.

Unfortunately windows and other glass surfaces don’t stay clean for long.  But it shouldn’t prove too difficult if you bare the above advice in mind. If time is limited however, and those dirty windows just depress you too much to look at, then call please do consider calling on us here at Budget Maids for help.  We offer home cleaning services in Vienna, maid services in Rockville and house cleaning in Potomac and other areas of Maryland and VA.

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Spring Cleaning (Cont): five essential tips

By now, you’ll hopefully have a rough plan in place for the big Spring Clean (remember we talked about planning and scheduling two blog posts ago?).So, without further ado, here’s our five essential tips to get you through this year’s dusting and vacuuming extravaganza.


  • Everybody and everything out. The last thing you need when you come to start that big Spring Clean, is to have the dog, cat and all the kids around getting under your feet. Make alternative arrangements to get rid of them out the house. The same counts for furniture.  Move all your small pieces out or into one corner as you go through each room. That way there’ll be no hard-to-reach spots or dusty corners unscathed.
  • Seasonal change. Spring is a good time to swop around seasonal bedding, blankets and curtains etc. Wash linen, blankets and dry-clean cushions, quilts and even loose carpets then swop with summer versions and store them all away. Can you be bothered with the blinds? You should since these get really dusty and really should be tackled early on.
  • Top-down dusting. Talking of dusting, if you want to avoid even more dust than what’s already there then dust top-down. In other words, start with the top shelves or highest points of the furniture and dusting in a downwards fashion towards the flooring.  Divide your room into sections to avoid dusting the same area twice. Dusting downwards means you should be able to get all the cobwebs in those far corners first! 
  • Fluff up the Furniture . Deep-cleaning furniture calls for an actual carpet-cleaner. Try and tackle the carpets and furniture in one go and do it on a day when the weather’s good so that you can dry things outdoors. Watch what you’re doing in terms of chemicals too as you don’t want to damage the fabrics of your furniture.

The thought of Spring Cleaning can seem overwhelming. But once it’s done your home will be sparkling and you’ll be ready to embrace spring with open arms. If you just don’t have the time or energy to go ahead though why not call on us here at Budget Maids to do the job for you?  We offer home cleaning in Potomac, cleaning services throughout Columbia and maid services in Falls Church and surrounds. Try us for an initial home clean today.

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