5 clever cleaning tips for price tags

Have you bought a new household item, or just never managed to get rid of the stain left by price tags on certain ornaments or home goods? We know just how annoying these adhesive stickers can be, and that is why we are sharing five clever tips for get rid off them on our goods. Here is what you’ll need:


Cooking oil spray. Spray a little cooking oil onto the household item and leave it to stand for a while. Next, spray some more cooking oil onto a cloth and simply rub away at the adhesive. It should come off easily.

Adhesives on wood or glass.  A safe option for protecting both your wooden and glass homeware is to rub adhesives away with a clean cloth dunked in vinegar. Vinegar won’t harm the item and, more importantly, there’s no health risks for you if it’s inhaled.

Furniture polish. Just bought new plastic patio furniture and the ugly price label is as stubborn as a mule? Then simply use your ordinary household furniture polish to get rid of it. This really works with plastic.

Soak ‘em. An old-school way to clean sticky adhesives from plastic, glass and other homeware items is to soak the item in warm soapy water for a couple of hours. However, depending on the glue used, you may still need to scrub a bit to get rid of all sticky material, even after soaking.

Pure alcohol. Cotton wool soaked in alcohol can do wonders when it comes to beating any old sticky adhesive into submission. Just make sure it’s pure alcohol, which you’ll be able to buy from your local pharmacist.

No doubt you have already discovered that adhesives can be extremely annoying – some price stickers can even leave residues for years. But employing the above five devices, the Budget Maids team here are sure you’ll be able to beat just about any sticky adhesive in your home.

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