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Maid Service Olney – Bed Cleaning

A comedian on Twitter recently ran a poll asking how often people cleaned their duvets. Most people chose the ‘Wait, that’s a thingMaid Service Olney?!” reply…

Yes, it is a THING, people. We know it’s one of those cleaning jobs that seems a little pointless. You put a cover on it when you sleep under it, right? But Maid Service Olney wants to tell you your duvet should be cleaned regularly – every six months or so. If you live in a warm climate or your pets regularly join you on the bed (hmm!), then washing the duvet more frequently is advised.

There are rules for duvet washing. Don’t wash it with the cover on. You might need to use a laundromat, as domestic washing machines are limited in size and fitting in a king-size duvet won’t work. Gentle detergents work best, and you can use baking soda or borax to keep the duvet a nice white color.

What about the other things that make up your bed, such as the mattress and the pillows?

The pillows have the eww factor for sure, Maid Service Olney assures you. Doctors have discovered that almost a third of the pillow’s weight can be made up of dead skin, bugs, mites and their feces… Your average unwashed pillow can have as many as 16 species of fungi on it. Washing them every three months or so, checking the instructions so you use the right temperature setting.

Then, there’s your mattress. Again, like the duvet your mattress spends most of its working life covered. But keeping it clean is essential, as this will preserve its life. Mattresses usually contain traces of sweat, blood, urine, other bodily fluids as well as mold and dust mites.

Vacuuming or steaming the mattress every six months will help clear up dust mite feces that can cause allergic reactions, as well as get rid of the fungi and mold spores. Once you have vacuumed your mattress, deodorize it by sprinkling it with baking soda. Using a soft brush, work the soda into the mattress and then vacuum once more. You should then flip the mattress and do the other side.

If you want to make mattress cleaning as simple as possible, buy a machine-washable mattress topper. It won’t need cleaning as often as you change your sheets, which should be every week for best effect.

Here at Budget Maids we provide cleaning services in Reston, a Maid Service Olney or cleaning services in Columbia and surrounds, and more. Why not give us a call today and let us help you ensure your bedroom is as clean as your bed?



Cleaning Up After Pets – house cleaning Potomac

house cleaning Potomac

They’re cute – but messy too!

If you have pets, you might worry that a cleaning company such as house cleaning Potomac can cope.

Never fear! We have years of experience of cleaning homes, and we know people’s beloved pets are family members. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and methods to ensure your precious pooch or marvellous moggie is unharmed by anything we do. We’re used to cleaning up after pets too, so if your animal is home when we visit – that’s no problem either.

We have some advice to help you if you want to keep your home clean when you have pets:

  1. Groom your dog or cat regularly. This will minimise the shedding they do – so less dog or cat hair to vacuum up. It’s also an excellent way to bond with your pet, and it lets you keep an eye on any potential flea situations…
  2. If your animal does get fleas, remember you will need to treat the house as well as your pet. Wash any bedding he or she uses, as well as any cushions the animal uses. You might want to consider professional carpet cleaning such as the service we at house cleaning Potomac offer, as this is great for getting rid of critters.
  3. Carpet cleaning is also useful if your pet has had an accident… Bear in mind with cats that if they wee somewhere inside, they are likely to return to the same place as they’ll be able to smell the urine even when you can’t. A specialist cleaning product will be necessary to eliminate the odor completely.
  4. Keep a supply of sticky tape or special pet sponges in the home as this will help remove excess quantities of pet hair.
  5. If your pet has stomach trouble, this can be tricky to clear up because vomit is so acidic. If possible, clean it up as soon as you can. Use kitchen towels to pick up as much as you can, then treat the area with a professional carpet detergent. Rinse the area thoroughly with clean, hot water. Hopefully, this will bring the carpet back to a neutral pH.

Bear in mind that it can take up to two years to eradicate a home of pet hair… If you are moving on and selling your home, you might want to consider specialists services such as house cleaning Potomac to leave the place spick and span.