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Workout Gear Washing – Cleaning Service Falls Church

Cleaning Service Falls ChurchCleaning Service Falls Church – Washing Tips

Now that the summer is well and truly here, you’re probably sweating buckets every time you work out. No wonder. Soaring temperatures and hard work tend to do that to a body.

Washing your workout gear properly is a must-do, if you want the clothes to last and so that you don’t offend your fellow gym goers. Some brands of fitness gear boast antimicrobial properties. They will still need washing, though!

Here are the Cleaning Service Falls Church rules to washing your workout gear:

Follow the instructions. It sounds like common sense, we know, but a lot of people lump their gear in with their normal washing. Because workout clothing tends to be made from special hi-tech fabrics nowadays, it might have different requirements from the rest of your clothes. Go carefully.

Don’t use fabric softener. We know it smells nice, but the liquid tends to coat the hi-tech fibres in gym gear and prevents them from being able to absorb water properly.

Ca’ canny with the detergent (sorry, we couldn’t resist a little Scottish-ism). In other words, don’t use too much. It’s tempting to tip in lots of washing powder when something stinks to high heaven, but washing cycles work better when the recommended amount is used. There are such products as sport-specific detergents that are probably worth trying.

Wash quickly. The longer your gear sits in your sports bag, the more likely it is to build up mold and mildew. Eww…

Soak your gear if necessary. Very smelly clothing can be soaked in cold water and a mild detergent solution. This will help neutralise the aroma.

Dry naturally. Workout clothing dried on the line or on a clothes rack responds better than clothing dried near a heater or in the drier.

It’s tempting to throw your trainers or sneakers into the washing machine, but this will ruin the cushioning so they won’t protect your feet and joints in the same way. Use an odor spray, or clean by hand.

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How to Clean Your Silverware – House Cleaning Rockville

House Cleaning RockvilleThe House Cleaning Rockville experts run a regular ‘how to clean’ articles. This time, we’re looking at silverware.

Whether it’s plates, cups, jewellery or cutlery, silver can quickly develop a dull look. This happens when it is exposed to oxygen and certain chemicals. As oxygen is in the air, you can see why silver tarnishes so easily.

How Often do House Cleaning Rockville Experts Recommend Cleaning Silver?

The more often silver is used, the less likely it is to tarnish. Otherwise, it depends on how your silver is stored. Don’t store in plastic bags or wraps, and don’t use rubber bands. Petroleum-based products break down over time and stain silver. Make cleaning a job you do every two to three months.

Rubbing Alcohol

You can use rubbing alcohol to clean silver. You will need a bottle of this, a medium-sized bowl and a clean cloth. Combine one part rubbing alcohol with four parts water in the bowl. Dip the cloth in the mixture and use to clean the tarnished parts of silver. Wipe your silver dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Dishwashing Liquid and Silver Polish

Use dish-washing liquid and silver polish for cleaning lightly tarnished silverware. You’ll also need a polishing cloth. Fill a medium bowl with arm water and add three to five drops of dish-washing liquid. Place the silver items in the soapy mixture. Clean the items with a sponge and then rinse in warm water. Dry thoroughly with a towel. Place a small amount of silver polish on your polishing cloth. Rub the silverware, as per the instructions on the silver polish. Use another clean cloth to buff the polish off. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Most polishes don’t need to be rinsed off.

Here are some more do’s and don’t’s for silver and silver-plated items:

  • Don’t wash silver or silver plate in the dishwasher
  • Don’t use fine silver when serving foods containing eggs or mayonnaise. The ingredients will mark the silver.
  • When you wash silver, don’t use a lemon-based detergent
  • Do not use Brillo pads or wire wool on silver.
  • Remove salt and pepper thoroughly from silver shakers when not in use to prevent corrosion.

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cleaning services Arlington

Cleaning Services Arlington – Barbecue Safety

cleaning services ArlingtonHey, it’s barbecue season and cleaning services Arlington is sure you’re getting ready for some fun summer parties.

If you are planning a barbecue, it’s important to keep hygiene and food safety rules in mind. You don’t want people to remember your party for all the wrong reasons the next day when they’re confined to the bathroom.

Here are our cleaning tips for your barbecue safety…

Cook on a clean barbecue. Want to know how to clean your barbecue? Check out our cleaning services Arlington post here. As well as promoting hygiene, a clean barbecue works better, and you’ll enjoy evenly-cooked food fast.

Keep raw and cooked meats apart. Raw meat should be stored in the fridge until you cook it. Allow ten minutes out of the fridge for the food to come to room temperature. Use different plates, tools and chopping boards for raw and cooked meat. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat, using warm water and soap.

Charred doesn’t mean cooked. Sausages and burgers can be burnt on the outside, but still raw inside. Turn the meat regularly to stop it burning, and cut it open to check.

Don’t Wash

Do NOT wash raw chicken or other raw meat. This spreads germs. Cooking for the appropriate time will kill the bacteria present in raw meat while washing it spreads germs and bacteria such as campylobacter.

Wash salad leaves. Give them a clean with cold water and dry in a salad spinner. Add mayo-based dressings at the last minute so that your salad doesn’t sit around in the heat with a raw egg based dressing.

Keep anti-bacteria wipes handy. Most of us will be eating barbecue foods with our hands. That’s part of the pleasure, right? If you’ve got kids present, their little hands might not be as clean as they should be. Keep wipes handy, so everyone can get stuck into their food, germ-free.

Barbecue safety also means avoiding burns and fires.

  • Make sure your barbecue is stable, secure and sturdy.
  • Check it is in good condition before you start.
  • Locate it away from fences, sheds and overhanging trees.
  • Don’t light in an enclosed space.
  • Never pour petrol or fire-lighting accelerant onto your barbecue.
  • Don’t leave children unsupervised near a barbecue, and check your equipment is fully extinguished before you leave it alone.

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