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House Cleaning Arlington – Fall Cleaning Tips

house cleaning ArlingtonHouse cleaning Arlington services likes to offer seasonal cleaning tips. In the Fall, one of the jobs you might need to do is clean leaves and leave stains from your drive way.

To make the job fun and inclusive, why not get the whole family involved? One of the simplest joys at this time of year is jumping into a pile of leaves or kicking them through. You’ll be tidying them up of course, but allow extra time for this simple pleasure.

The first step is to rake the leaves into piles, or sweep them up using a hard outdoor brush. Move the piles to the side of the area you intend to clean. Leaves can usually be disposed of in compost bins or the green waste trash can.

A high pressure water hose will get rid of the surface dirt. Then sprinkle the area with a little powder laundry detergent to break down the stains. Leave for a few minutes and then scrub thoroughly to clean.

House Cleaning Arlington – Gutter Clearing

Another Fall cleaning tip is cleaning out your roof gutters, required at this time of year thanks to those leaves. Blocked gutters can cause a lot of problems. Water can pool on your roof and then leak into your home. Blocked gutters are also attractive termites. Sliding, windows, doors and foundations are all affected, so regular gutter cleaning is a must.

You’ll need ladders, so do make sure they are safe! You will also need a trowel, garbage bags, a stiff brush, safety specs, work gloves and a pressure hose. If you do the job after light rain, that may make it easier to lift out the damp leaves and dirt. If you do use a leaf blower everything needs to be dried out completely beforehand.

Start with the drain outlets, as most of the gunk will have gathered here. Use your trowel to scoop everything out. When you have cleared the gutter, section by section, use the hose to remove anything you might have missed.

It’s best to do this job will a willing partner who can feed you the hose when you need it and make sure you don’t miss any of the gutter sections. Use the hose too to check how the water is draining away. Your gutters might need adjustment.

Kitchen Cleaning

Fall cleaning should also involve giving the kitchen a good going over. The refrigerator and the oven definitely need regular cleaning anyway. Take all the shelves out of the fridge to wash, and ensure you clean the area around and under your fridge. Food builds up everywhere! For the oven, place a ceramic dish of ammonia in your oven overnight to help loosen the worst of the burnt-on food. That should make the overall oven cleaning job easier.

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What the Cleaner Saw – Maid Service Columbia

maid service ColumbiaHere at Budget Maids, we are the souls of discretion – choose the maid service Columbia and we’ll tidy up, no questions asked.

Cleaners, though, are often privy to all kinds of information Homes are private domains. They contain pictures, treasured objects, books and other items that reveals the bits and pieces of our personalities.

A Manhattan cleaner recently wrote a piece for The Guardian where she revealed what she had seen when she took a job as a cleaner in New York.

Supporting Job

Lizzie Feidelson took the job after hearing about it from a friend’s boyfriend who had cleaned for two years to support himself as a musician.

She worked for a boutique, environmentally friendly (a bit like our maid service Columbia) service that specialised in one-time detoxes, rather than regular cleaning. She was sent to a different apartment most of the time.

The company Ms Feidelson worked for specialised in vigorous scrubbing and minimal use of soap, also using essential oils and pre-approved cleaning liquids.

No Desire to Snoop

According to Ms Feidelson, people often left out important documents and items that were for things like receipts for an abortion or notices of academic probation on their fridge doors?

Her favorite client was a man whose bookshelves, she discovered as she dusted them, didn’t contain real books, but blocks that were hollowed out and whose wife she guessed had been one of the September 11 victims.

On one occasion, a client asked Ms Feidelson to give the bathroom special attention. Opening the door, she discovered inchoes of soiled cat litter all over the surfaces which took several hours to clean.

“Appalling Habits”

“People with appalling habits were interesting, at least,” Ms Feidelson wrote. Being around them made her feel observant and if they were readable – although of course they were not.

“[O]n the whole, of course, my clients were more complicated than that, and more ordinary.”

Ms Feidelson’s account of her two years’ cleaning job is fascinating – and reassuring. While some of the account is uncomfortable – she did snoop a little bit, reading a diary at one point – for the most part it demonstrates the professionalism of the cleaning industry.

Read the whole article here.

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