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House Cleaning Rockville: Cleaning Dangers

house cleaning Rockville

Certain cleaners can be a risk to your health.

Just what would you risk to clean your house? Well, one Glasgow grandmother recently demonstrated that she is willing to risk her life to keep her windows clean.

Seventy-six- year-old Mo Kam Tai steps out on the ledge of the window sill of her fifth floor apartment to clean her windows. Her work was spotted by a satellite worker putting up an aerial on the next block. He took a photo and the story went viral.

As house cleaning Rockville experts, we don’t condone risk-taking when it comes to keeping your house or apartment spick and span. But the article did make us think about cleaning and risks. Are there any other risks you need to be aware of?

House Cleaning Rockville: Dangerous Chemicals

One risk is corrosive cleaning product s such as oven cleaners and substances used to unblock drains. The corrosive chemicals used in such products can cause severe burns on eyes, skin and, if ingested, on the throat and esophagus. You also need to watch out for toilet cleaners, which often include chlorine bleach and ammonia. They can produce fumes that are highly irritating to your eyes, nose, throat and lungs.

At Budget Maids, we use cleaning products that are green-friendly and safe. We use a commercial line. You can find research data online about these products to check it out for yourself.

Other cleaning risks to watch out for are:

  • Spillages on floors, particularly lino, should be cleared up as soon as possible so that people do not slip.
  • Electrical equipment. Faulty electrical equipment used for cleaning, or being cleaned itself poses a serious danger. It can result in burns or worse. Electrical faults can also lead to fires.
  • Floor cleaners. Heavy floor cleaners, if not handled properly, can cause accidents and injuries. The equipment tends to be very heavy. It could bruise or even break a person’s foot is used carelessly.
  • Manual handling. Shifting heavy furniture to clean around it, or lifting waste bags that are full can be a risk if they are not handled properly.

Cleaning isn’t the most dangerous occupation or task you can do, but do it carefully and stay safe!


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House Cleaning Reston: Rental Homes

house cleaning Reston

Arm yourself with a mop and get on with the job!


House Cleaning Reston: Are you moving out of your rental home? Moving house is always a bit stressful, but it’s wise to ensure that your rental home is as clean as possible before you leave. You want to get your deposit back!

It’s best to go through the house or apartment room by room. Here’s what house cleaning Reston experts recommend:


The kitchen is likely to need the most cleaning – cooking and storing food is messy work, after all. Here is what we recommend:

  • Remove all food, crumbs and debris from the kitchen surfaces and the fridge
  • Thoroughly clean the fridge shelves, and the inside and outside door
  • Wipe the front of the cabinets and thoroughly clean the insides
  • Spray the countertops with antibacterial spray
  • Clean the oven. You may need a specialist oven cleaner to do so, but ensure you get rid of as much burnt-on food as you can
  • Clean all of the kitchen appliances, such as the dishwasher and microwave
  • Scrub and shine the sink and faucet.


The bathroom is another area that needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you leave your rental accommodation.

  • Get rid of the soap scum from bathroom tiles, the bathtub and/or the shower
  • Bleach the grout
  • Remove hair and debris from the plugholes and use drain cleaner
  • Clean out the products, debris and hair from the bathroom drawers and shelves
  • Scrub the toilet and the sink
  • Wash and polish the mirror
  • Sweep and clean the floors.

Bedroom/Living Room

These rooms usually do n to require the same amount of cleaning. Dust, vacuum and mop these areas.

General Jobs

  • You should vacuum every room where there are carpets and remove any stains
  • Clean the door knobs, the light switches and outlets
  • Check the walls to see if they need wiped down
  • Wash floors and clean the windows
  • Polish and dust wooden furniture

You might want to use the opportunity to declutter – house cleaning Reston experts recommend you use your move to get rid of the excesses. Tatty furniture, clothes you never wear, books that could be donated to your local retirement home – lighten your load.

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