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House Cleaning Oakton – 4 July Party Tips

house cleaning OaktonAre you planning an Independence Day party – if so, the house cleaning Oakton experts have plenty of tips to help ensure your party goes with a bang.

Plan your entertainment. The key to any great party is wonderful entertainment. Of course, your guests might entertain themselves – bring like-minded people together and they are bound to find plenty to chat about. But just to be on the safe side, why not plan some games?

Balloon Pass-It. All the guests have to do is pass a balloon down a row of players. Pick patriotic colours – red, white and blue – and tell your guests that they must use their hands and legs to pass the balloons down the line. The most fun way is alternate hands and legs. First person passes via knees to the next, then that person passes with hands and so on.

Fancy dress. Pick a theme – either historical figures associated with American independence or All-American characters and famous figures.

Likes and dislikes. You will need index cards and pens. Get everyone to write down their likes and dislikes and then gather the cards together. When you are all sitting down for your meal, each person reads out the likes and dislikes card they have drawn out of a hat and everyone tries to guess which member of family they relate to.

House Cleaning Oakton – Planning

Plan your food. How much food should you prepare per guest? For appetizers, plan about 3-4 per person if you are serving a main course. If is just snack food or appetizers, allow 15-20, maybe even more. For meat, allow about 6oz per person, chips ¾ to 1lb per 10 guests, veg/salad about 1 cup person and cake, one slice per guest.

Get ready to deal with spills. Wine will be spilled, plates will be dropped, food will get everywhere. Have some stain removal products on hand so that you can deal with accidents such as red wine spillage as soon as possible.

Prepare for mess. It’s a party – there will be mess. Your guests will remember fun before they remember mess, though, so relax and let it happen!

Have a great Independence Day!

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House Cleaning Arlington: Food Mess

house cleaning Arlington

Eating – it’s a messy business…

Eating is a messy business – let the house cleaning Arlington experts help you keep your house spic, span and hygienic!

First up is food storage. Your fridge needs cleaning once a week. Empty out the contents, wash the drawers in warm, soapy water. Throw out anything that’s passed its sell-by date. For a non-harmful disinfectant that also gets rid of smells, wipe over the services with lemon juice mixed with a little baking soda. Rinse well.

Now check your cupboards. Again, look for food that is passed its use-by date. Tins, cans and dried food often scape out notice. Take all of the food out of cupboards and give them a wipe over, cleaning up any spillages. With food cupboards, it’s tempting to throw in everything and shut the door. But arranging packets, tins and boxes in an orderly way will make you feel better and it’ll be easier to find ingredients when you need them.

The kitchen floor needs regular cleaning – food spills encourage rodents and insects. Sweep the floor at least once a day and wash once or twice a week. A mild solution of washing up liquid or specialist floor cleaner is best.

House Cleaning Arlington – Preventing Smells

Empty the trash on a daily basis. And wash out the trash can once a week. Spillages or leakages from bags will happen so keep the can clean. Regular emptying and washing prevents smells too.

Eat at the table. This is good for family harmony, for a start. Conversations during the meal provide opportunities for everyone to bond, plan and connect with each other, fostering warmth, security and love. But also you’re confining food to certain areas of the house. Crumbs down the sofa or in bed? Dirty plates in bedrooms? Spillages on carpets or furniture? No thanks!

Cool foods down before storing. Say you’ve got left-overs to store in the refrigerator or you’ve done a batch of bulk cooking and there’s a whole lot of ragu sauce awaiting containment, let them cool down first. Food for storage in the fridge should be room temperature or cooler.

Store food properly in the fridge. Uncooked meats need to be stored below cooked meats. Veg and salad goes in the drawers. Once you’ve opened cheese, wrap the remainder in wax paper or foil. Take stuffing out of leftover chicken or turkey before storing. Finally, don’t overstuff the fridge. Air needs to circulate.


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