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Calories Burned Doing Housework

Burn some calories doing housework.

Burn some calories doing housework.

Want a work-out that does two things at once? House cleaning Oakton experts advise you to carry out a thorough clean of your home and burn calories at the same time…

Bear with us – we know the suggestion of housework might not seem as effective as that Insanity DVD you have seen advertised on QVC, or pulling on your sneakers and going for a long run in the hills.

But as house cleaning Oakton experts, we know that cleaning is actually quite taxing. If you really put your back into it, you can burn some serious calories.

And it certainly isn’t as expensive as a gym membership!

For the best calorie burners, look for the kind of housework that uses a lot of your body. Cleaning windows is one example, or washing walls. Polishing and cleaning leather sofas is another good way of working up a sweat, and you can also add extra movement to your day by being inefficient. Instead of taking a whole lot of clean washing upstairs in one go, why not take up the items one by one running up and down the stairs each time?

Gardening and yard cleaning are other good ways to work out. Gardening often involves a lot of getting up and down, while yard sweeping and moving heavy objects all contribute to workload.

House Cleaning Oakton – the Calorie Burn

Anyway, here’s an idea of some of the calories you can burn* doing common household chores:

  • Carrying shopping bags for 30 minutes burns about 190 calories. So leave the car at home where you can and carry that shopping back to the house.
  • Making beds burns 130 calories in half-an-hour – more if you are changing beds. Your kids probably won’t mind at all if you tell them not to make their beds in the morning so
  • Cleaning windows burns about 125 calories in 30 minutes. Make yourself very popular in your neighborhood by offering to clean all the windows.
  • Vacuuming the house can burn about 90 calories in half an hour, so maximize this by vacuuming your whole home from top to bottom.
  • Dusting can burn up to 173 calories per hour. Make it a once-a-week chore and dust every room in the house to make the most of this work-out.
  • Chopping wood is the mother of all outdoor exercises – it’ll get your heart pumping and your arms, shoulders and core muscles will certainly feel the benefits. Wood chopping is thought to use up to 415 calories per hour so stack up a whole lot of wood to chop.

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* Calories burned will depend on your age, gender and size – the bigger and heavier you are, the more calories you will burn.


Top Spots for Bacteria in Your Home

top spots for bacteria in your homeWhere are the top spots for bacteria in your home?

The toilet is an obvious choice, but other spots might surprise you – the kitchen sponge, the bath tub near the drain and your kids toys for example.

Recent research by the toilet cleaner brand Harpic revealed that some 40,000 germs per square inch can be found on the average toilet handle, while there are 6,000 bacteria per square inch on bathroom taps. These include E.coli, staphylococcus and streptococcus.


The research makes a good case for always flushing your toilet with the lid down. When you flush, an explosion of bacteria-ridden water gets forced into the air. Called aerolization, this phenomenon is made worse by warm and wet conditions, which are common in bathrooms.

Budget Maids certainly recommends frequent bathroom cleaning, using a good anti-bacterial cleaning agent and that you pay close attention to the soap dispensers, the door handles and the light switches in the bathroom, as well as everything else.

In general, the top spots for bacteria in your home are the toilet bowl, the kitchen drain, the bathtub and the kitchen sink. Toys, pet food dishes and the floor area around your toilet (train the men in your household to aim well!) are also where you’ll find lots of bacteria.

Another happy home for germs is the kitchen sponge or counter-wiping cloth. We suggest that you microwave your kitchen sponge on high for 60 seconds every evening to kill off bacteria and germs.

While many people worry about hygiene practices in reestuarants or hotels that they visit, the home is really the worst place for germs and bacteria. Although hotels and restaurants have many people passing through their doors, they also operate strict cleaning procedures. Rooms, for example, with have bathrooms cleaned every day and kitchen staff are trained in hygiene practices.

In addition, hotels and restaurants won’t have family pets wandering round and they certainly won’t have cats jumping up on kitchen surfaces!

A little exposure to germs and bacteria is no bad thing – but bear in mind the top spots for bacteria when you are cleaning your home and pay them extra special attention to keep your family safe and healthy.

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