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The Top 10 Wardrobe Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Create calm in your closet.

Create calm in your closet.

Here at Budget Maids, we sure appreciate the problem of an over-flowing wardrobe… Heck, what’s a girl to do when fashion is so exciting and there are so many options to choose from?!

When we carry out maid services in Arlington, or house cleaning in Vienna, lots of clients ask us what they can do to keep their wardrobes under control.


Why not follow our top 10 wardrobe tricks for neatness and order in your home?

  1. First of all fold your tees properly. You know the problem – too many tees take up room, and if you don’t have the space to hang them up, then they can end up wrinkled and not ready-to-wear. Lay the tee shirt flat, fold it in half length-ways then fold the sleeves in. Fold the tee shirt in half down the way and then half again if you can.
  2. And also fold up your lingerie. We know, the temptation is to cram it into drawers, but folding is much more space-saving. See this great guide for how to do it.
  3. Did you know that you can use the tabs from soda cans to create double hangers that take up less room in your closet than two separate hangers? That way, you can pair up complete outfits. See how to do it at ideasbottle.
  4. Lint balls removal – are you avoiding certain sweaters and tops because of the lint balls? They are easy to remove, either using a disposable razor or a pumice stone. Lightly rub with the pumice stone and then use a lint roller to remove.
  5. Hang clothes efficiently. If you find the job of hanging up clothes tedious, then follow this neat tip for hanging up multiple items at once. Job done!
  6. Clean out your wardrobe properly once a month. Wardrobes and closets attract lots of dust so it’s worth clearing out all of the clothes and giving it a good going-over with polish and a duster regularly.
  7. You should also organize your closet according to the seasons – save time and space by storing all your winter clothing away when it’s summer time and vice versa.
  8. Clear out everything that doesn’t fit, or needs repaired too. We ladies like to hang on to our size 4s optimistically hoping we’ll slim back into them, but be honest yourself and get rid to save space. The same goes for anything that’s too big or needs repaired – either repair it, or chuck.
  9. Organize your clothing by color. This saves time as you now have matching items next to each other.
  10. And finally, keep special outfits in covers. Special outfits don’t tend to get worn as often so keeping them in covers will keep them clean and ready to wear, as well as easy to find when the occasion demands.

Here at Budget Maids we provide cleaning services in Reston, a maid service in Olney or cleaning services in Columbia and surrounds, and more. Why not give us a call today and let us help you ensure that your closet is neat and tidy all year round?


















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Guide to Menu Planning

We're not sure you'll be having these foods for breakfast...

We’re not sure you’ll be having these foods for breakfast…

Fall already… where did the summer go? If you’re anything like us at Budget Maids you will be wondering what on earth happened to this year as the countdown to Christmas and the holiday season begins…

We’re all about offering you quick and easy cleaning tips and advice on this blog, but one idea you might like to consider in addition is menu planning. Menu planning can free up a lot of your time, not to mention saving you money so we always recommend it.



Here’s our guide to menu planning.

  • Start with your family’s likes and dislikes. It’s no good planning to make lots of curries if your family doesn’t like spicy foods. List the favourite dishes and add in one or two from your recipe collection, just to mix things up.
  • Think about your week ahead – if you have a busy week coming up, you’ll need meals and recipes that are very quick and easy to do, ready-made burgers and buns for example, ready cooked chicken or omelettes with salad.
  • Why not involve the whole family? Ask your husband if he’d like to cook a dish (if he doesn’t already!) or your older kids, and ask for any meal requests.
  • Write down all your planned recipes and meals for the week, including breakfasts and lunches. If you want to be really geeky, you could put the meals and links to the recipes on a shared calendar so the whole family can see it.
  • Are there dishes that can be made in large quantities – such as stews and casseroles? These are great because you can make up huge batches and store them in the freezer.
  • Now list all the ingredients you need for each dish, and check this against what you already have in your store cupboards.
  • Shop for the ingredients, sticking strictly to what’s on your list as this will help you keep shopping bills to a minimum.


Here at Budget Maids we provide cleaning services in Arlington, a maid service in Vienna or cleaning services in Falls Church and surrounds, cleaning services in Olney and Oakton and more. Why not give us a call today and let us help you with all your household cleaning tasks so you can get on with menu planning and more?