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Natural Ways to Scent Your Home

What's that smell...?

What’s that smell…?

What’s that smell? Hopefully, it’s a nice one!

If you’ve recently used Budget Maids’ cleaning services, chances are that house smells beautifully fresh and clean. But if haven’t been so lucky, what are some of the best ways to keep your house smelling fresh and clean?


There are a wealth of air freshening products on the market, but if you are looking for natural solutions then there are plenty out there which will give your home a pleasant fragrance.

You can create your own essential oils diffuser by taking a spray bottle, adding 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oils, adding water and then spraying it in rooms.

Vanilla extract dabbed on light bulbs will give rooms a lovely warm scent when the lights are switched on. You will only need a tiny amount.

If you have a cat or cats and they use an indoor litter tray, be careful where you place it. If it’s near radiators, the smell will intensify. The general advice for litter trays is to remove feces from them daily and change the whole lot twice a week (although you may need to do this more regularly if more than one cat is using the box.

Tea leaves mixed with the litter also improve the smell.

Slices or halves of lemon have multiple purposes. A half lemon microwaved on full power for 30-45 seconds will remove an odors from the microwaves (as well as making it easier to clean).

You can also place lemons in a saucepan with herbs, cover with water and bring to a gentle simmer. The scent will give your home a pleasant smell.

The juice of lemons or cider vinegar can be put down sinks, left for 20 minutes and then flushed away with boiling water to help minimize smells from drains.

For your bedroom, placing a drop or two of lavender essential oil on your bedside light or placing a few drops on your pillow case will create a nice smell in the room. It might also help you to sleep as lavender is often used to induce sleep.

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Your Cleaning Resolutions for 2016

happy new yearHappy New Year! No doubt you’ve been busy making resolutions to start the new year on a positive note.

Budget Maids, your friendly cleaning service which provides house cleaning Columbia, cleaning service Potomac, maid service Arlington and more would like to suggest some resolutions that don’t involve giving up cake, drinking only green tea and getting up at 5.30am to run five miles before breakfast. No, our resolutions only apply to cleaning – the kinds of jobs that you often put it off, but that will ultimately make your life much better!

Tub/shower sinkhole – once a month, pull on your rubber gloves and remove the trapped hair, greasy lint and other yukky stuff that gets trapped down there and stops the water draining away properly. After that, sanitize the drain with ½ cup hydrogen peroxide poured down and left to sit for an hour before being flushed through with warm water.

Home computer/laptop – another monthly job. Unplug the keyboard. Turn it upside down and tap to get rid of the crumbs. Ideally, you don’t eat anywhere near your laptop or computer but those crumbs often sneak in anyway. Wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth to tidy it up.

Manage your mail. Open all of your mail while stood over the recycling box or bin so that you can dispose of all the unwanted items quickly.

Get everyone in your house to clean the shower after use every time. A quick spray with a shower cleaner while the walls are wet and warm and then a wipe down with a squeegee will keep your shower soap scum free and prevent the build-up of mold.

Clear out the kitchen. Make 2016 the year of your minimal kitchen. Get rid of all those gadgets that aren’t used regularly (the bread maker, the pasta maker), any chipped crockery or tools such and melon ballers and the like unless you do use them frequently. If you are feeling very virtuous, empty out all your drawers and give them a clean. Drawer organizers will make your life easier too, so why not invest in them?

Recycle presents and old clothes. For more space in general be ruthless with your de-cluttering and get rid of toys that are unwanted and unused and any clothing that hasn’t been worn in six months.

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