Monthly Archives: November 2012

Caring For Your Wood Furniture

Wood furnishings can add a touch of class to a home and are stunning when they are properly cleaned and cared for. However, wood is more fickle then its synthetic counterparts and needs special care to make it last and stay beautiful. If you have wood furnishings or cabinets in your Elkridge home, here are some tips to keep it protected and clean while retaining its beauty.  Continue reading

Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

418px-Wall_Closet-150x150If your  Clarksville  home has a cleaning cabinet or closet that has fell into disarray, you are not alone. Ironically, cleaning supply cabinets are often one the messiest and most disorganized areas in many homes. Peek under the kitchen sink in even the most immaculate home and you can often find a jumble of bottles, scrubbing pads and boxes. This can make it hard to find the cleaner you need or keep track of what you have and what is running low.  Continue reading

Prolonging The Life Of Your Carpets


Carpets, whether wall-to-wall or area rugs, are an important part of your home. While they help insulate your floors and provide a soft surface to walk, lie or sit on, they also can be beautiful and a wonderful accent to your Columbia home. Since replacing them is expensive, there are a few things you can do that will help prolong the life or your carpets and also keep them looking great.  Continue reading

Be Ready For The Next Storm

Although Howard County was lucky to miss the majority of the devastation from hurricane Sandy, there are still winter storms that hit almost every year. While mild in comparison, these storms can still knock out the power and bring in feet of snow, keeping you housebound in Columbia for a day or maybe even several. It is important to make sure you have stocked up on you emergency supplies so you and your family have everything you need for any storm that should hit.  Continue reading